Steps To Take When Feeling Uninspired And Lacking Motivation

someone whos bored at workOn occasion we all feel lazy, unmotivated, lack desire, that overall burnt out feeling of blah. Then most wonder why as they don’t really know what’s behind the sluggishness. You in your life set clear defined goals for yourself, but find it difficult to approach and complete them.

You fail to see the end, the ultimate achievement, the idea of reaching your goals should thrill you. It’s thought that if you feel the passion which means that your heart is still in it, then you’ve survived the first initial barrier.

But if you’re not able to get yourself motivated to move forward on the path to achieving what you set out to do, then you’ll need to decide what the issues are. It usually boils down to you disliking the actual work that’s involved in attaining that goal.

If you’re wanting to learn something then you need to determine if you like the subject, or if you would rather just avoid it and focus on something else that’s more enticing, or riskier to you.

If you’re also feeling uninspired about where you work, if your cubicle is just a small drab workstation without windows and you can’t move around, then there’s no possible way that you can get any creative work done.

So instead, if at all possible surround yourself in a better environment. Get a brighter office space if you can, which is roomier or closer to nature. This way, you’ll look forward to entering your office, sitting at your desk and the end reward is more work that’s done.

Often, what you’ll discover is that you don’t really suffer from a motivation problem, it’s more that you don’t have the proper ingredients for your particular circumstances just right, yet.

Your Right To Dream
Once you make a plan to do something, but fail to do the proper planning or the homework that’s required, then what you’re doing is setting yourself up to fail. What’s often holding you back is what’s known as “Who do I think I am” syndrome.

You may believe that you have a lot of life experiences which you can share with others, but you just can’t shift yourself forward enough to show and tell, this because you feel that you don’t have the proper credentials or confidence to do so.

You may be bubbling with excellent ideas and enthusiasm, but you feel you’re just too ordinary, and even a fraud at times, so as a result you think you have no right to set these goals.

You think that all of your friends and family will just laugh at you once you tell them what your grandiose plans are, making you feel self conscious. The reason why you feel this way is because you’re showing a completely different side of yourself which others are unfamiliar with.

The Real Reasons For Not Feeling Motivated
It’s not that you’re unmotivated, it’s more that you think you don’t deserve to achieve this dream of yours. That you’re being completely ridiculous and overboard to even think of it.

If you think that you’re not good enough, then you’re not. If you’re afraid that others will laugh at you, then you won’t fulfill your dreams.

If you’re afraid that once you finally step up and do what you’re passionate about, that you’ll fall flat on your face and no one will care. Then your ego deflates and none of your dreams remain.

The truth is that those who’ve ever dared to do anything which they’ve longed to do, have also had to stare down and eliminate these demons themselves. The only way for you to get past them is by taking action, deciding what the next step is and then doing it. Otherwise, you’ll be spending your life wondering what if.

Know That There’s Always Resistance
There’s always resistance in life, it’s that invisible force which rises up and then blocks anyone who’s ever wanted to accomplish anything. If you’re wanting to do something that’s worthwhile, know that this force will always work against you.

Resistance will try to convince you that it’s time to watch TV instead, this before you get started, or that you should wait until tomorrow to begin fulfilling your dreams.


Resistance will make you grouchy, make you feel bored and lazy, making you totally uninterested and then discouraging you from what needs to be done. The only way to kick resistance is just by working through it.

So the next time that you feel unmotivated, that you’re wanting to do something but can’t get started, then make sure that you push through this lack of inspiration by just doing it. Then take a note of what happens next. It happens to everyone as discouragement is resistance’s favorite weapon of destruction.

How Inspiration Will Find You
Understand how creativity and inspiration works. What inspiration does on a daily basis is it gives you fabulous ideas. It looks for people who wants to do something. If you’re at your desk and ready to do some work, then inspiration will grant ideas to you.

Once inspiration gives you these ideas then it’s up to you to take action. If procrastination and resistance ever shows up, attempting to make you avoid what you should be doing and you give in, then inspiration will leave you stranded at the alter.

So what you need to do is keep showing up. Not only will you get great ideas but certain doors will begin to open up as well. You’ll start meeting new people who knows exactly what you need, which moves in your favor. Then you’re granted the motivation to achieve whatever you want.

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