Since Mobile Apps Are The Next Big Thing Where Do I Start

taking advantage of the new mobile app marketIn a few short years, it’s expected that there will be more mobile device users than there will be desktop users, which isn’t really a surprise. So the early entry marketers who are getting in now are capitalizing on the expected “Gold Rush” before the masses flood the market.

There’s currently a massive wave which is altering the Web landscape and changing everything that you thought and knew about Internet marketing. The perfect storm of mobile sites, mobile apps, and online marketing has created a huge opportunity.

The numbers are staggering, and there’s no doubt that anything related to mobile, which includes smartphones, tablets, are now the fastest growing trend in technology today. Mobile apps are radically altering how people share, communicate, and spend their money on the Web.

The average consumer is now currently spending over 16 hours a day with their smartphone at their side, this compared to less than 4 hours on their once trusty desktop PC.

Recent Statistics Of The Mobile Market…
• There are now over 700,000 apps in Apple’s App store, over 725,000 apps in Google Play, and more than 120,000 apps in the Microsoft’s Windows ecosystem
• It’s estimated that there’s more iPhone and Android phones which are activated on a daily basis around the world, than there are births
• There are now millions of apps and billions of app downloads from the various app stores, making it a “game-changer” unlike anything we’ve seen in decades!

Taking Advantage Of Mobile
Every business at the very least should be aware of the role that anything related to mobile will play in the next few years. As a result, there is a new era of startups, much like the dot com boom of a couple decades ago, that’s occurring right now.

This in the attempts of getting in on the ground floor, in the attempts of developing the next great virtual mousetrap, and tapping into the profit potential that’s mobile.

There are the initial groundbreaking mobile companies such as Square, where their app allows any business, such as a produce seller at the local farmers market, to take direct payments directly from their smartphone.

What using Square allows them to do is turn their mobile device into a completely secure and portable payment processor which will accept debit or credit cards.

There are also 1000’s of other app startups in progress which are expected to be groundbreaking, providing various functions and services in the Google, Apple, and Microsoft app stores.

But in spite of this new economy and opportunity, there are more than 82% percent of internet marketers, and even more merchants, who are not currently participating in anything that’s mobile, such as a mobile site or app.

Getting On The Mobile Bandwagon
So what that means is there’s currently a huge void in the market as online marketers will continue to dabble in producing outdated and pointless e-books, overpriced and useless video courses, writing long stuffy blog content promoting affiliate products, while anything that’s mobile is found nowhere in their repertoire.

Know that these types of marketing methods are a thing of the past, outdated, and extremely saturated. Compound that with Google’s latest SEO policies, the issues with online piracy, and the profits diminish.

Mobile Apps A Completely Different Animal
The app marketplace on the various platforms are only growing, as there are more consumers who are trading in their bulky laptop for a sleek tablet or smartphone, and the juice which runs these mobile devices are apps.

It’s expected that it’s just a matter of time that smartphones will completely overtake the global cell phone market, replacing the so called “dumb” phones for good. Also know that we’re still on the very cusp of this trending transformation.

If You Missed The Last Internet Gold Rush
And many did miss the initial internet marketing boom. Think back to the internet around 2002, when it was extremely easy for the savvy marketers of that time to cash in by selling their online goods.

There were a handful of successful marketers who were courageous enough to do it correctly and go mass market, finding little to no resistance or competition. What this created was the first wave of Internet millionaires.


These were the times when Google Adwords was averaging around .05 to .10 cents per click for any keyword, so getting traffic was extremely affordable. The internet marketing world was also hardly “mature” during those times, and just a handful of web 2.0 platforms with a social influence, such as Myspace and blogs, were just emerging mainstream.

Fast Forward To The Mobile Market Of Today
The new online marketing frontier, which is local mobile site creation, developing mobile apps, and mobile advertising, is similar to how that initial Internet marketing environment was back in 2002.

This new frontier market is providing an opportunity for a brand new generation of internet marketers, provided that they’re willing to take the time and effort to learn and get involved, this before the market evaporates or gets completely saturated.

So take advantage of this new marketing opportunity which is mobile marketing, which is predicted to grow by over 22% percent a year for the next decade. This is still considered a ground floor opportunity, where you can still get your foot in the door.

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