Which Demographic Uses Tablet PCs For eCommerce

onlineshoppingwhileusingatabletpcThis is what every retailer is wondering, regardless if these merchants are online or offline, and that’s what exact demographic who currently owns a Tablet PC are online and making purchases while on an e-commerce enabled website.

These merchants are looking for the exact details that reveals which particular segment of tablet owners uses these devices primarily to buy items online. As there are now an increasing number who now own tablets, the good news is that the majority appears to be using them strictly for shopping online.

They also seem to make more spontaneous impulsive purchases as well over those who own other devices such as laptops. So the good news is the these Tablet owners are particularly more intent on buying goods and services over any other Web connected device.

Tablet Owners Are More eCommerce Active
Close to 26% percent of consumers who currently own tablet computers such as the iPad or an Android driven device all indicated that they classify themselves as impulsive shoppers who generally reacts spontaneously, as compared to just under 9% percent who currently don’t own a tablet.

There were also approximately 10% percent of tablet owners who claimed that they were totally addicted to shopping, this compared to 4% percent of those who owned another type of device. Also, tablet owners claimed that they will tend to buy more expensive or luxury items than others.

Tablet Owners Spend More
Tablet owners are more that likely to shop for specific and certain items than their smartphone owner counterparts. Electronics of all kinds was the highest on the list for 55% percent of all respondents, and is what topped the list of the most preferred product category to purchase. This was followed by ebooks at 40% percent, then toys and games at 36% percent, clothing at 27% percent, and online music at 33% percent.

So what the trend indicates is that there’s a definite rise in the importance and usage of tablet PCs as a genuine method of driving ecommerce traffic and sales towards sites for retailers.

For instance, tablet PCs stands out as a much better portable device option that the much smaller smartphones when shopping for “big ticket” electronics as well as “designer” clothing products, simply because of their bigger screens which show better detail.

There were more consumers who claimed that they were more that likely to purchase higher end products while using their tablets. Also, the large majority of owners would also prefer to shop and purchase tangible products, while a significantly smaller portion preferred using their smartphones.

Tablet PC Age Group
A recent survey also found that the typical tablet PC owner is significantly older than their smartphone owner counterparts, being approximately 40 years old.

Their average annual income was also higher at $65,000 per year. Over 53% of tablet owners were women, and the majority of all these tablet owners also listed Facebook as an important source. On average, during the period of the survey, tablet owners spent over $300 in product purchases.

Reason For Using Tablets
The survey also asked why these tablet owners shopped online using their tablets, and not use a smartphone or a home PC instead. Close to 30% percent responded by saying it was just a matter of convenience which motivates they shopping on these devices since they’re spending a lot of time on them anyways for other purposes.

25% percent of all users will tend to browse sites in the hopes to be inspired into make a purchase. 20% percent of users also liked the touchpad ease of the transaction process, while 15% percent already had a specific offer or product in mind to purchase.

19% percent shopped because of an advertisement that they seen for a particular product. There were 8% percent of users who specifically choose a tablet PC because of its ease of sharing deals or product offers via social media networks such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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