The Secret To True Unconditional Happiness Is Gratitude

getting on the happiness on ramp of lifeHappiness isn’t always about dancing with everyone else, holding hands while walking together on the on-ramp of life singing “kumbaya.” The only way which you can reach this happy destination of euphoria is to just look within yourself, and not rely on what others think.

Begin by trying not to dwell too much on the negatives, most of which you have no control over, and is out of your hands. If you feel that there’s something currently unsettled in your life, and there always usually is, just accept it, and somehow learn to work yourself beyond or around it. Ruminating, reflecting, and reacting about how bad your life is, or can be, just isn’t helping anyone.

Doing so can lead towards unneeded stress, unwanted burden, and anxiety. If you’re not able to avoid all of the negatives, then find different ways on how you can.

Do Something To Pamper Yourself
It doesn’t need to cost anything, or need to an extravagantly big deal. Be nice to yourself by doing things you like to do, which can be as simple as just watching the sunset, a rainbow, or walking your dog. Slowly watching the world develop and then go past you, can be extremely therapeutic and healing for the soul.

Do Something Good For Others Without Return
Give your neighbor some of your freshly picked tomatoes on the vine. Assist an elderly person cross the street, or help them place the groceries in their car. Allow someone to queue into your traffic or grocery lane.

These acts of kindness to you may be completely insignificant actions, but then think how you’d feel if someone else, a complete stranger, was somehow helpful and kind to you, or to someone that you know.

Become Easily Amused By Laughing Out Loud
Those who regularly and genuinely laugh and smile are generally more happier, which contributes to a longer life by reducing stress, than those who completely lack a sense of humor.

Indulge In Foods That You Love At Least Once Every Week
Being sad just compliments being sad, getting down on yourself. So indulge every once in a while by eating something sinful that you like, even if it means that you need to go for a jog in the morning, or need to spend that extra 30 minutes on the treadmill at the gym to burn the calories off.

Have that succulent piece of cake, eat that extra slice of pizza, or enjoy that chocolate bar. It can make you feel a lot better, by not constantly depriving yourself of the things that you love.

Giving Unconditional Love And Getting It Back
Giving out your unconditional love and then understanding why, is one of the first steps in receiving it back. This is one of the oldest, as well as the wisest strands of truth which is known to mankind, and the entire animal kingdom. So giving away whatever you have is an excellent way to get back what you really want.

Believe That Your Life Has Some Meaning And Purpose
If you think that it doesn’t, or if you’re not able to find anything that’s meaningful in your life at the moment, then just act as if it does. Fake it till you make it. Continue to do so until you come across what really floats your boat.

Have Something To Read At All Times
By doing so, always having some type of reading material, you’ll never allow yourself to go idle, get bored, or waste time. Once you read something, anything, what you’re doing is both relaxing, or learning something new, both which can be extremely therapeutic.

Getting Outdoors And Appreciating The Immediate Environment
Enjoying the sunshine while experiencing the fresh crisp pure air are being touted as methods to prevent potential disease. Getting out and enjoying the great outdoors is without a doubt one of the healthiest things that you can do.

This for your overall well being, both emotionally and physically. This begins with just simply taking a walk, riding your bike, or gardening in your backyard.

Having Goals And Then Accomplishing Them
The state of happiness is activated by moving forward and making progress and improvement in your life, doing things that you want to do or like. The actual attempt is more important than ultimately achieving that goal.

So anytime that you do accomplish a certain dream, what you need to do is replace it with another, yet bigger one. Make sure that you always continuously have something that you can look forward to, tomorrow, the next day, and next week.

Keep in mind that happiness isn’t a constant, rather it’s a forever moving target. It’s not a certain or a guarantee that your life is completely on track in the universe. Some individuals feel that if they’re not always feeling completely happy or satisfied, then something is wrong with their lives.

The actual truth is, however, that true happiness is usually lost somewhere off the unexpected beaten path, and found somewhere in the reality overpass. So don’t worry, just be happy.

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