Shifting Your Thinking To Get Fit Rather Than Gaining Weight

someone who is in extremely good shareThat feeling of spring and warmth is slowly creeping in the air, sort of, and the mindset then usually shifts towards losing a bit of flab that’s accumulated, and getting back into that warmer weather body shape.

The idea however is that everyone should be adopting this type of thinking throughout the entire year, of being fitter. It’s more of a shift in mindset that’s required which is holding you back.

Consciousness is an extremely efficient thing since it works in the background, so if you begin thinking like you’re a sleek fit person, then you’ll begin acting like one while becoming healthier in the process.

But, if you continue to think that you’re someone who’s unfit, fat, and obese, then the chances are extremely good that you’ll remain that way and never get into the shape that you want.

You also need to know that there’s always something that you need to give up to gain something, such as your effort and time. If you’re genuinely wanting to become fit and benefit from being healthy as a result, you’ll need to realize that there’s a price to pay.

There’s never been such a thing as a diet that’s pain free or requires no effort. It’s a myth that losing weight can be done without sacrifice or discipline. There’s no magic diet pill, potion, or lotion which you can take to make and keep you skinny.

You’ll need to sacrifice a bit, exchange the pain for the ultimate goal by exerting all the willpower that you have. People who are out of shape view exercising as a burden, while those who are fit see exercising as a privilege.

Begin Today… Not Wednesday Or Next Monday
Those who may be out of shape all believe that they’ll begin getting fit starting next Tuesday, while fit people know that this is a common psychological trap and excuse.

The core thinking being, “Even though I’ll continue to eat the same bad foods, I will get different results” mentality. Promising yourself to begin on Monday which never comes, then becomes an endless loop which will keep people fat forever.

The Purpose Of Why You’re Out Of Shape
Those who are out of shape will generally eat for pleasure, while those who are fit will eat for bettering their health. Fit people will see eating food as a means to increase their energy, health, or vitality.

Eating for pleasure rather than for health makes all the difference in the world when it comes to how long you live. Changing the reasons why you eat will have a huge impact on your health and weight.

View Exercise As Being A Privilege
Those who are out of shape will see exercising as a burden which they don’t like, while not placing any value on it. The very idea of working out and beginning to sweat strikes them as a big waste of time and energy.

Those who choose to be fit know that exercising is one of the most vital habits that they can adopt, and they’ll always find time for it, this regardless of where they are or how busy they are.

Believe That Diets Work
Those who are on diets, deep down, don’t actually believe or have the faith that it works. Those who are fit think that it’s the “individual” who just doesn’t work.

Most obese people have been conditioned to believe that any diet won’t work for them, this simply because they just fail to stick to them. They’re also unwilling to take any responsibility for their weight loss failures.

But make no mistake as the majority of diets do work if you stick to them. It’s usually the dieter themselves who lacks the mental discipline to stick to it, which isn’t the fault of the diet itself.

Don’t Choose To Remain Out Of Shape
People who are out of shape will make choices which keeps them out of shape, while those who are fit will make life altering choices which will keep them fit. We all choose to be either wanting to be fat or fit, it’s strictly up to the individual.

No one actually forces us to eat too much or stops us from exercising. We’re all responsible for what we do, and as a result we look like what we do in the mirror. It all comes down to the choices that we make on a daily basis.

Controlling Our Emotional Eating
Those who are out of shape will continue to eat emotionally while fit people will eat as strategically as possible. Unfit people will eat a lot when they’re feeling bad, tired or depressed, while they’ll also overeat when they’re happy. For most, eating enhances their pleasure while easing the pain.

Those who are fit know how to avoid emotional “binge” eating, as they’ll choose to eat healthy food only when they’re hungry. They eat logically instead of emotionally which controls their food intake.

Don’t Be Ashamed Of Your Diet
Out of shape people who are on diets are usually ashamed to admit that they’re actually on a diet, while fit people are proud that they are. Fat people won’t admit it since they don’t trust themselves that they’ll ever stick to it.

Those who have a “fit” mentality will let everyone know, which creates more pressure as well as motivation on them, which propels them forward if the going gets tough.

Don’t Surrender To Your Food Cravings
Those who are overweight will always give in to food cravings, while those who are fit will always remain compliant. Those who need to lose weight won’t treat it as something they’ll ever take seriously.

What they fail to realize is that their life may be at stake and dieting should be taken as a priority and should be treated as such. So stop cheating yourself.

It’s possible for anyone to get fit and healthy if they really wanted to. It begins with making sure that you have the willpower to begin exercising and then developing the proper mental mindset by deciding to stick to your diet.

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