Realigning The Energy In Your Home To Improve Your Health

the secrets of feng shui to improve your homeRegardless if it comes down to the very laws of the science, or the laws of physics, or if you prefer applying the magical hands of reiki, everything thing in life is a constant movement of Energy.

This energy, on ancient belief systems according to all of the wisdom that’s built up over history, and is taught by the various traditional healing practices, they all have a similar message, and that is this energy can be harnessed, influenced, and channeled to create improved healthier living spaces.

So when it comes down to rearranging the fixtures and furniture in your home, why not adopt the decorating practices and tips of these proven beliefs, such as, feng shui, cromotherapy, or Ayurveda practices to better the flow of energy in your home.

The Exchange And Transfer Of Energy
In nature, a rushing river can garner dynamic and constant unstoppable energy from its flow, a strong wind and its blowing patterns can be used to harness electrical energy, fire can be captured to produce an incredible heat energy source.

Our own lives are driven by the energy of our breath, feeding our minds which brim with the curiosities of life. Everything is in constant motion, nothing ever stands still. We as individuals, much like nature, is forever vibrating, ceaselessly taking in and exerting energy, sending out or exchanging energy, but we’re never stagnant.

Traditions Based On Energy
There are many traditions, such as Ayurveda, or traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which offers wisdom from centuries of experience regarding the flow of energy, when it’s referred in its physical context.

They contain tips as well as healthful advice regarding practices and their practical elements which we can all incorporate into our lives. With the elemental properties of all the modalities which are shared, the constant theme, as well as principle, is that the entire world is made up of ever moving energy.

Bringing This Wisdom Home
By understanding the influences and impact which is around us, and attempting to control it, we can then intentionally cultivate a free flowing serene bedroom, garden, living area, or design a vibrant office or reading room which enhances our well-being.

This involves the colors which we use, the objects that we display, and the arrangements that’s sensed by the eyes and the skin, which feeds the mind. As a result, decorating a fluid home develops into a completely therapeutic vision which can be considered vital in creating proper balance and holistic well-being.

These energy forces which are subtle and invisible, make themselves present in different ways, as when we find ourselves lost in a certain picture, place, or scent.

Much similar to nostalgia or peace, different settings can influence and make dramatic differences in how we feel, subconsciously, in the presence of these different colors, designs and textures.

Chromotherapy Using Traditional Color Therapy
The use of color therapy, known as chromotherapy, is a certain discipline which offers insight into creating healthy living spaces. You can learn the instances from your homeopathic practitioner for any insights or tips on chomotherapy, which you can directly influence into your environment which will elevate your overall mood.

All of the energy which surrounds us, whether it be in the living room or kitchen, just a simple coat of pastel paint, unique decor, or design, can immediately impact what we do and how we feel.

By eliminating closed furniture layouts which are in disarray, for instance, or integrating a resonant color scheme can instantly re-energize our mindset towards healthier living.

Using Ayurvedic Advice
Ayurveda, which is one of the very first historic practices of medicine known to mankind, offers five distinct elements which comprises our bodies, they are: air, water, earth, fire, and space. What they form are 3 foundational constitutions, known as doshes, which are: pitta, vata, and kapha.

Ideally, we need to have all of these in complete balance, but usually, the majority of us will have just one or two doshes which dominates.

What doshas comprises of is everything about us, this can include everything from the sheen of our hair, to the skeletal structure of our bodies, to our metabolism.

It also dictates the diseases which we’re prone to carry, to what we instinctively crave. Each dosha also has its own fundamental characteristics:

Characteristics Of Pitta: strong digestion system, consistent weight, warm body temperature
Characteristics Of Vata: traditionally slim, enthusiastic, at times prone to worry
Characteristics Of Kapha: slower and heavier, enjoys sleeping, a strong and well-lubricated body

According to Ayervedic philosophy, we also have certain colors which are more balanced and harmonizing for us, this because of our different or unique doshas. So when it comes to Ayurvedic decorating, using specific dosha based color choices will be able to restore imbalances while enhancing our health.

Feng-Shui Tips
What feng shui, where “feng” denotes wind, and “shui” is water, is a practice which is over 7,000 years old, and explores the connection between a person and a place, while maintaining that everything has energy.

What this energy does, is it affects the very well-being of a space as well as the direct experiences of those within that space. The essence of feng shui and it’s notion is, what surrounds us will infuse our bodies, our minds, and our lives.

Increasing clarity as well as spaciousness is the ultimate aim of feng shui, and is achievable through the yin-yang equilibrium. Once we focus our awareness towards when we feel the most “well,” or the most blocked, negative, or sluggish, and specifically, how these sensations are directly influenced by the spaces, shapes, objects, and the hues around us, we can then be able to improve the quality of our health.

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