Effective Ways To Battle Insomnia And Get A Good Nights Sleep

how to get a good nights sleepGetting more sleep is heck of a lot better than not getting enough it, as it appears that the lack of shut eye in our busy lives is becoming a serious epidemic.

When we were younger, in our carefree days, we enjoyed hours of oversleep which we took for granted, but now it’s become a rare luxury these days.

It now appears that the entire nation is becoming sleep deprived. Some have even struggled while attempting to find answers to their insomnia, bordering on they becoming obsessed by it.

All that they’re wanting is to get a nice peaceful night of uninterrupted sleep. Now is that too much to ask for?

As we become much too preoccupied with our lives, being too busy at home or at work, the stresses of our everyday lives appear to have the most influence as it takes it’s toll. Just adopting a healthier dedication to sleep would serve everyone better.

Based on clinical definition, if sleep is secondary to you, you’re missing out on an opportunity to experience the healing and wellness effects which it offers on several levels of recovery.

But most will continue to remain sleep deprived for years, turning into decades, and as a result can suffer avoidable health consequences, some even significant.

Not Enough Sleep Can Be A Serious Consequence
Experts in this field have recently discovered that insufficient sleep is now considered an epidemic. It’s estimated that close to 40% percent of North Americans will routinely get just 6.5 hours of sleep a night or less.

Lost sleep that you can’t catch up on the weekends, as it just doesn’t work that way. That hour of sleep that you lose here and there, is gone forever and can’t be recovered.

There’s also research which supports that the lack of sleep contributes to weight gain, but the dangers go far beyond adding a few pounds to your waistline.

It’s now been discovered that if you get less than 6 hours of sleep, even just one night per week, doing so will negatively influence the expression of over 700 genes in the body the following day.

What this detriment in the genetic expression contributes to is:
• A significant decrease in the repair of cells
• It weakens the immune system
• Increases inflammation in the body
• Increases the resistance to insulin
• Increases oxidative stress

What all of these symptoms are known to do is they’ll contribute towards illness such as diabetes and heart disease, which increases the mortality rate in humans.

One study has shown that women who continuously sleep less than 6 hours on a nightly basis, had close to a 60% percent increased risk of getting breast cancer, when compared to women who regularly slept 7 to 8 hours per night. These results have also been duplicated with cardiovascular disease as well.

What becomes remarkable is that just getting one additional hour of peaceful uninterrupted sleep can have, when it comes to our health and how it helps the healing process.

We’ll try anything to get more sleep. Once we survive a major illness, what we’ll do is everything that we can to prevent a recurrence. So if you happen to be struggling with insomnia, and be taking sleeping pills as a result, it’s found that doing so could be more detrimental to your health.

Sleeping Aides Are Not The Solution
An extensive study has found that taking prescription sleeping pills can actually increase the risk of developing certain illnesses. Doing so may be doing more harm than good.

That then becomes the dilemma, we know that we need more sleep in our lives as it’s understood that the lack of sleep is hazardous to our health, but the solution, sleeping pills, can be equally as damaging.

Finding Other Solutions
The recommendation may be to stop taking these pills and finding alternate solutions. The negative effects of sleeping pills and the harm that they pose can even be exchanged for the occasional sleepless night.

Taking sleep medication is now known to contribute towards loss of cognitive brain function, as well as memory loss and impairment.

Ways Of Getting More Natural Sleep
• Avoid drinking too much caffeine or alcohol, this especially before going to bed, as they’re known to disrupt falling asleep and sleep patterns
• Try controlling your blood sugar levels by consuming complex carb snacks such as whole grain cereals, or a bowl of hot oatmeal
• Eat foods which contain tryptophan, such as milk, turkey, chicken, cottage cheese, almonds, and eggs, which will promote sleep
• Know all of the proper protocols of sleep, such as a dark cool room, no loud blaring TV, music, or working in bed, and
• Avoid any type of stressful confrontation, arguments, or loud stimulating conversation before going to bed

Other Solutions For Falling Asleep
Those who may of been prescribed sleeping pills, the listed solutions may not be enough.

There are as a result natural remedy substitutes that you can try to solve insomnia, by taking the following recommended dietary supplements that targets better sleep.

• One popular and widely studied natural sleep aid is melatonin. Know that there are different qualities, dosages, brands, and formats of melatonin which as a result has different results. Consult with your doctor or health practitioner what dosage is the best for you and your condition. Melatonin is usually known to work within a few nights, or sooner, so if you’re particular brand or dosage isn’t helping, you’ll then know if it doesn’t. The best types appear to be herbal melatonin which are time released

• If your insomnia is anxiety induced, there are natural herbal solutions which has anti-anxiety, as well as relaxation effects, such as L-theanine.

Keep in mind that these natural dietary supplements won’t work the same as prescribed medication. Like sleeping pills, you can’t expect to take them and then immediately fall asleep.

Most supplements will usually take longer, such as up to an hour. They’re also more gentle so they won’t knock you out like a prescription drug can. Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t always easy, regardless of what method you decide to use. It’s more about reducing the stresses of your daily life and slowing it down.

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