Your Mental Health Is Important Don’t Allow It To Slip Away

learninghowtohavemorefunMental health is a broad generalization, the reason being that it reaches a wide scope of our well being. Experts in this area consider this more important than one’s physical health, since anything physical usually has visible signs or damage.

Most are now aware that we need to maintain a proper diet, exercise regularly, and as a result, the results prove that over the past few decades, segments of the population has become visibly healthier by eating better and working out more often.

People have been living longer, especially those who adhere to these guidelines. The biggest issue, however, is that the majority of people don’t realize that their mental acuity is just as, if not more important.

The routine for the average majority of individuals today is around 4 to 6 hours of exercise per week, and a better more structured conscious effort of choosing the foods that we eat.

What this results in is less consumption of the empty sugars, preservatives, and the “bad fat” laden junk food. But what continues is less emphasis that’s placed towards how fit our minds are.

The Care For Our Mental Health
There are even instance of abuse when it comes to our state of mental health, such as pushing our brains too hard, not relaxing enough and taking that well deserved vacation or long weekend.

What we continue to do is work those 60 hour weeks, taking the work home with us, and working through the weekends. All this in the hopes of banking an easier life when we’re older and retired.

But what good is taxing our brains so hard, what good will pushing yourself in overdrive do, continuing to overload the mind, and eventually having some type of a breakdown or a long term illness.

Mental Health Contributes To Poor Physical Health
Overworking has an absolute chain reaction, as our physical health begins to suffer the consequences regardless of how well we eat, or how much we exercise, and remain in good shape.

It then begins to take its toll. Much like a car overheating, we end up getting high blood pressure, experiencing headaches from stress and anxiety, all indicators which elevates the chances of developing heart issues such as a stroke.

So to avoid this, it’s recommended that you keep a well tuned balance on your life, and avoid tipping the scales, this to keep your mental health as in tip top condition as possible.

Ways To Balance Mental And Physical Health
Find and develop hobbies which gets you in the flow. Activities which gets you lost, and allows you to completely forget about your troubles, even for a few hours.

Take that bike ride through the park, or get a motor bike such as a Harley, and refocus yourself with a weekend trip up the coast. There’s nothing that brings the world and your priorities back into focus. There’s no better therapy, so never feel guilty about it.

Another proven stress reliever is that night out on the town. Just let go, let loose and dance the night away with close friends. Just allow the night to soar and make sure you have a great time.

Finding Ways To Relax
Try reserving a night every week to watch movies or to watch all your favorite TV shows for a few hours. Choosing light funny sitcoms is an excellent way of lifting your mood. Make sure that you laugh out loud, as doing so is one of the best ways to release stress.

Playing video or card games for some are great ways to release stress. So if you’re upset at your boss or co-workers, or your heavy workload, there’s no better way then to release that frustration.

Balance Your Life By Improving Your Personal Life
Working is difficult, so make sure you find different ways of improving yourself, by asking, “What do I need to improve upon.” Write down a list of things that you don’t like about yourself, and be honest.


Then prioritize that list, making the most important issues which you need to correct first. Whenever you have time, begin working on these, checking off each item once you resolve them.

Taking Time Out For Yourself
Always make sure that you take some time out for yourself on a daily basis. There’s no way that you can help others, if you don’t bother to take care of yourself first.

Draw a hot bubbly bath, soak and just relax, allow the stress to just fade away. Go for a walk, bike, or jog alone, go to the library and just read.

Do something special for yourself every day, make sure that you find and get lost in your thoughts, and guaranteed, you will feel a lot better after.

Give More Than You Take Become A Friend
Go out and visit someone, or smile at a complete stranger. Get out of the house, stop the nasty habit of meddling in other lives, but rather begin developing new hobbies of your own.

If you don’t have many friends at the moment, then go make some new ones. Meeting new people is something that you can do immediately, once you offer your time to a cause that you believe in.

Making new friends can be a godsend, and they can be found anywhere where your interests lie. So make it a priority to meet new people, attempt to do so every time that you talk to someone new.

Just be yourself, be interesting and learn to have more fun. Know that life is short and you need to improve your current state of life. Even just a small improvement to better yourself, here and there, is all that you need to do.

No one is perfect, and if you find that your life is becoming stagnant, it’s up to you to change it for the better.

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