Your Life’s Destiny Is Controlled By The Choices You Make

how to make the right choiceAll that you create in your life or you don’t, comes down to what you choose. Once you understand and embrace the dynamics of this simple ingredient of power, you’ll then disengage from being taken hostage from the forces which controls your life.

The freedom lies in understanding that you’re responsible for choosing everything that you do. The biggest crime being inactivity, as things never remain the same. You then justify by stating, “I had no other choice” “There’s nothing else that I can do.”

We all know that this is just false belief, that it’s up to us to “choose” how we allow the external forces, the world to affect how we vision our situation, and rare is a situation where we don’t have the power to choose.

With each choice that we make, there’s a consequence along with an energetic price which needs to be paid. So, it’s not that you don’t have a choice, you’re just picking the type of energy you’re wanting to pay.

The Power To Choose
If you’re unhappy with your current situation, you choose to stay the same because you’re afraid of change. You’re scared you can’t find a new job or a new relationship.

The price that you pay for not doing nothing is continued boredom, lethargy, anger, hopelessness, or abuse. These feelings will eventually affect all other areas of your life.

If you stay, however, you also have the option of changing the energy of your particular situation. This by thinking empowering thoughts which can create a dramatic shift in your current situation. “I’ll stay at this job but will do all I can to get a promotion.”

You can also choose to leave because you’re creative and can manifest a new source of income. Externally, this appears as a hazardous choice to make when it comes to shifting energy, as what’s also required is profound faith.

Your Choices In Life
You can choose to remain in that stagnant, boring, or abusive relationship. You complain about how miserable that you are, but can’t leave it for a variety of reasons.

You justify while making excuses for your circumstance, while living another day with the anxiety and pain. You continually daydream about what else is out there for you, yet never explore the possibilities. The price that you pay for this choice is uncertainty.

You choose to stay, affirming to yourself that, “I once loved this person, so I choose to commit my feelings to them, hopefully to help bring in new change. I’ll just focus on the positive qualities and allow them to be the guiding force. If I’m still unhappy and the situation hasn’t changed, then I will choose again.”

By affirming this, what you’ll be doing is empowering yourself by reasoning that you will remain in the relationship because it’s your choice, and not because you have no other option.

If you choose to leave the relationship, you realize that making this choice may lead to loneliness or hardship for a period of time. That you’ll initially feel sadness and loss, but ultimately, you’ll eventually feel an undeniable sense of freedom and happiness.

The level of your anxiety then begins to dissipate, the negative thoughts and feelings diminish, making way for a higher more positive vibration of life affirming energy.

Your affirmation being, “I’m choosing to leave this relationship because it’s not contributing to my ultimate happiness. It will be painful for a while, but there are infinite opportunities to meet new people.”

Once you use words such as “It’s my choice” or “I’ve chosen” in your affirmation, the Universe will take notice and pay attention, it will react. The Universe begins to realign your world so it can meet that choice. This the magical substance when it comes to understanding the logic of choice.

Whatever You’re Missing In Your Life
The same principle applies when it comes to whatever it is that you’re missing in your life. You’re wanting to create a new business, invite prosperity, start a new job, or find a new relationship.


What you currently see is that nothing is manifesting in your life, however. What you can do is choose how you see your particular situation. You can make conscious choices on how to get to that place that you’re wanting to be.

Damaging statements such as “I’ll never be successful working for myself” “I just don’t have the means or the confidence” “I’ll never find a job that matches my abilities” “I’ll never meet my soulmate” “I’ll always be poor.” All that you’re doing is you are reinforcing the same previous choice that you want more of the same.

Once you begin to “choose” using more creative life affirming statements and thought forms, then you can witness your life transform. The Universe is ready and wanting to help you, this by granting you the choices that you desire.

“I choose to take the steps to commit myself to learn what I need to, so I can start my own business” “I choose to place all of my energy into creating what I want” “I choose to believe that there’s an abundance of potential friends in the world for me” “I choose to attract just the individuals who I enjoy being with.”

It’s your life, it’s your choice, it comes down to your willpower on how you dictate and shape how your life forms. Never allow others to influence or tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. Even then, it’s still your choice on how you react.

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