You Need To Get Self Motivated Start With Not Being Lazy

someone who is ashamed of who they areYou’re useless, lazy, and becoming a burden to your family and society. Some are claiming that they’re getting tired of your aloofness and the stagnant neutral drift that you’ve placed on your life.

Yet, you know yourself, and others suspect that you can be brilliant with a bit of effort. Motivation being the key and the driving force that you lack. What you need is that swift kick in the backside which can provide for that life altering change.

It all begins from you knowing exactly what you want to do, taking those small baby steps, and then having the drive and thirst to do it. Developing that insatiable hunger of standing up for yourself, being a man about it, battling all the ghosts of your past along with the demons in your future.

You need to develop that burning desire where you believe anything that you can do, you can, and you’ll accomplish it.

It keeps in concert with your ultimate life plan, your dreams placed firmly on track while the magic of motivation propels you forward, this most apparent when the going gets tough.

There are ways, proven methods, on how you can activate and then keep this momentum, sustaining this motivation, to get you firmly on the right track and finally getting you there.

Developing Picture Boards With Images Of Goals
Begin developing a picture board and then fill them with images of what your desired goals are, whatever they may be, start small if you need to.

That brand new car that you’re wanting to own, the house or condo in the neighborhood where you want to live being the most obvious ones. Other images could be actual pictures of the holiday destinations that you’re wanting to visit.

Be as refined, detailed as possible listing the fine restaurants that you want to dine at, down to the exact occasion when you want to frequent them. List anything within reason which is attainable, whatever it is that gets you excited and boiling.

Get A Little “Mad” Upset On Occasion
This means getting angry with yourself and not towards others. If you’re wanting to improve your life for the better, then get a little mad, get angry, vent, become upset at your current stagnant life.

Having a blasé piss-poor attitude towards change isn’t what you want or need, and it won’t develop into a strong desire within you. So you need to tell yourself, “I want to get better, I need to change.”

It could be because you’re sick and tired of always being broke, being in debt, and mommy has to come to bail you out. You must hate your current low paying job with no opportunity for advancement that’s taking you no where fast.

Is your life stagnant, sliding sideways or going into decline, dull, boring and predictable. The usual same old same old. You’re becoming completely brain dead because of all the uninspired and unhappy people who you’re currently associated with.

Then get the heck out, get angry and do something about it. Begin by writing things down which make’s you mad, all of the miserable unrewarding or frustrating things which makes your daily life dull, then do something about it.

Managing Your Time Better
Begin to appreciate how valuable your time is and how valuable time in general is. Time is the premium resource which you have that’s also non-renewable. Once it’s gone it’s gone forever.

You can either take advantage of it or continue to squander it away. If you’re wanting to create change, you’re going to need to invest the proper time to make it happen.

Begin by reducing the mundane time which you’re wasting on pure irrelevance. Surfing the Internet aimlessly, watching too much TV, weekends dedicated to shopping or drinking too much beer.


These activities just won’t help you to get any closer to what you want to do while precious time is slipping away from you. Time is your most valuable ally, so invest in it more wisely into yourself.

Keep in mind that it’s also finite, limited, realize that your life is on a egg timer, the sand slipping through. You don’t really know how much time you have left, no one ever does.

So it comes down to how you manage this time that’s important, so make sure that you make it count, beginning right now.

Procrastination And Conformity
Are you part of a mindless herd who’s way too timid and scared to pursue your life dreams, and do it your own way, make your own mark. Do you just want to follow what everyone else is doing, conform, allowing your life to evaporate.

You follow the same exact footsteps of what everyone else is doing, and therefore, you get the exact same results as everyone else. How close does this describe you.

Are you scared, too frightened to be a bit different from the crowd, this because others may question that you’ve decided to follow a different path, your own.

So you dutifully follow along with the other human sheep since if they’re doing it, then it must be right. But if you’re doing what everyone else is doing, then you’ll just get the same as what everyone else is getting.

Or would you rather become a leader, a warrior among men who will battle and fight for their own space, grow your own pair, possess the courage to become unique.

If you feel you have what it takes, and you decide to do whatever you want to do, and then follow and make your dreams happen.

Feel The Fear Then Crush It
Fear is the force, the stop sign, that kick which is determined to stop you dead in your tracks, robbing you from your dreams. But know that this only occurs if you allow it to.

Are you going to allow this cruel destructive force to trample and get in the way on what you want, steal your ambition, your dreams and happiness while crushing your spirit.

Imagine this exact thought haunting you in your final days: “I just didn’t do all of the things which I wanted to, this because I was too scared to live.” By then, it will be too late to do anything, to conquer that fear.

So refuse to allow this fear to spoil your life by overcoming and then start taking positive action right now, before it becomes too late.

The entire world, your friends and family are anxiously waiting, counting on you to reveal and activate your unique gifts, the genius that you were born with, to kick start your self motivation. So why keep yourself and everyone else waiting any longer.

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