You Can Earn Respect Just By Getting Others To Like You More

how respect is earned and not givenIt’s just human nature that you want others, anyone, to like and respect you for who you are. To accomplish this, the first step is to focus on them, by making them feel better about themselves. This is a simple yet effective rule when it comes to developing friendship which will work most of the time.

The background principle of this is straightforward, if you meet someone and you leave a favorable impression, by making them feel good, then they’ll want to see you again, and will find opportunities to seek you out.

They want that same good feeling again, but that may not always work since you as an individual are always looking out for yourself. So the very next time you see that person, that same feeling of acknowledgement may not be granted to that person.

This because what we naturally do is place our wants before what others need. The looking out for Number 1 complex. But if someone genuinely likes you, and are concerned about your welfare, they’ll also cater to your needs in return if they can. This to some may appear ironic.

Looking For Friends
Once we’re in a business or social setting, what our brains and instincts will do is automatically and continually scan the immediate environment for whomever we feel is a friend, or a foe.

There are some individuals who you’ll feel is a threat to you, thus being a “foe,” while there are those who will immediately give you the friend vibe. These senses are automatically detected by the “flight or fight” response.

So once you meet someone that you’ve previously known, or for the very first time, make sure that you send the proper nonverbal “friendly” cues which automatically signals that you’re not a threat to them.

Genuinely Earning Respect In Business
When it comes to any business setting, it’s usually all about the bottom line which is profit. The lubricant that dictates how much profit you make usually relies on sincerity and respect.

If you happen to command respect from others, then they’ll be naturally drawn towards you and will intently listen to you when you speak. They will take action if you ask them to.

If you’re not commanding this respect, then know that they may be laughing at you, and not with you. So contrary to what some may believe, having a fancy flashy job title, or that luxury car, will not automatically command you respect, it’s rather something that you earn.

Ways To Earn More Respect From Others

Just Get Real
People won’t respect you and will quickly snub you out if you’re pretending to be someone that you’re not. Humans by nature have the ability to be able to detect someone who’s a fake or a fraud. They will have their bull-crap meter on, and will see you as insecure, untrustworthy, and insignificant.

But individuals are always magnetized towards those who are truly genuine, by they being transparent, and exactly whom they seem to be. So just being yourself, your very best is the core foundation for earning respect from others.

Be Discrete At All Times
The workplace environment is a myriad of petty gossip and office politics, which questions and fabricates the motives of you and your coworkers personal and work lives.

It’s an extremely easy trap to fall into, to gossip and play the silly pointless games. Absolutely no one respects individuals who talk too much or can’t keep a secret.

But if you place yourself in a position that you can be told something in confidence, then you’ll become someone that others will seek out, if they ever need advice or perspective, while gaining respect as well.

Taking Interest In Others
If you show genuine curiosity about your friends, coworkers, or employees, intently listening to them, and remembering what they say, they’ll soon realize that you’re interested in them, and that you hear them.

They will then disclose to you what’s important to them, their jobs, their dreams, and their goals, as they trust you. This knowledge will give you perspective on how to manage better, or do your own job better, while revealing how you can help them as well.


Be Knowledgeable And Unique
What people do is respect expertise, especially if it’s difficult to find. So pick a segment of your business or industry and then become an expert in that area or subject matter.

Continue to learn more and become a specialist, be the “go to” person when it comes to that specific topic. When you become known as the “expert” on something, everyone will then depend on your knowledge when needed.

Helping Others In Need
What everyone respects is those who contribute, help without being asked. They will also despise and disrespect obvious narcissists. So helping out whenever you can, and making it your primary goal to voluntarily help others, draws a lot of respect.

So what this requires is making every project that you’re doing more of a service, this to your coworkers, your customers, and to your employer or employees. The more that you can serve others will reflect your true value.

Set And Stand By Your Boundaries
Nobody will ever respect you if you’re an easy pushover, so you need to set your boundaries and limits. If you’re given a difficult task to do, then stand up and explain what you’re capable of accomplishing, and then commit to finishing it.

If someone takes advantage of you, or becomes dependent on your constant generosity or help, become more assertive and define exactly what you’re able to do for them. The more boundaries that you set out, the more respect that you’ll earn from them.

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