Working With Insecure Managers The Plight Of The Horrible Boss

dealing with a horrible bossFor many, their job is their lifeline, so the quality and enjoyment of it does matter, as 8 hours of every day, 5 days a week is spent working. As employees, the majority of their work dynamics are out of their hands, and up to their bosses.

Managers come in a variety of capabilities and personalities. The worst may be those who are awkward, projecting discomfort towards their employees, are the one’s who are incompetent, exploitative, and can become capricious. They’re difficult to deal with, usually for mundane reasons.

If the manager isn’t that good, what they have is the capability to make your working life miserable, this because their standards are unknown, they make unrealistic demands, are poor communicators, or worse, they have a personal agenda against you.

These dynamics have the potential of creating issues under the best of circumstances, a power struggle where the manager clearly holds the upper hand.

They have the ability to fire you for a variety of reasons, can create unpleasant working conditions, or decide not to give you that promotion or a raise. The boss is usually in control of your working destiny.

Personalities Are Taken To Work
For a variety of reasons bosses can be inadequate, insecure, unqualified, and they effect your welfare. Anyone who’s unsure of themselves, can create complete havoc on the lives of others.

Those who are insecure are not personable, they avoid intimacy, constantly fear rejection, and are unable to follow through on their convictions or commitments as a result.

These individuals won’t leave these personality traits at home, but will take them to the workplace. The insecure employee may constantly worry about losing their job, constantly be anxious, avoid others, or ignore their duties or company protocol.

A employee who’s confident is resilient, productive, and easier to manage. Since they don’t fear outcomes as much, they’ll concentrate on doing their job well, this rather than thinking that their boss will either exploit or fire them.

The Profile Of An Insecure Boss
Similar to how employees will drag their insecure personalities to work, their bosses will as well. A secure well-meaning boss is more trustworthy, respecting the needs and efforts of their employees, treating them well.

For those bosses who are insecure, they will display a variety of poor managerial judgements, can be inconsiderate, unpredictable, distant, moody, and anxious. One wonders how they got their position.

Since they have an overall lack of self-esteem, these horrible bosses may worry that their employees are actually better than they are. So they’ll guard their positions, fearing being upstaged by someone they manage, or make them look bad in front of their superiors.

They’re also concerned that the employees might somehow gang up on them, attempt to exploit their poor management techniques, or expose their pettiness.

Dealing With Insecure Bosses
Needing to deal with an insecure boss on a daily basis makes for a less productive worker, this because of all the drama and the “office politics” can’t be avoided.

So what needs to be examined are the methods of better leadership. Patterns of behavior which needs to be used which adopts positive qualities, along with ethical behavior.

The true authentic leader is self-aware of their surroundings, has good moral judgement, and can process information quickly and fairly, showing complete transparency.

The Right Combination Is Crucial
What needs to be taken into account are the particular dynamics of the employer and employee. If they’re both secure personalities, this has the greatest potential of developing a good working relationship.


They both work dynamically, enjoy the company of each other, show complete respect, while constantly coming up with the best solutions for themselves and the company.

The combination of an insecure boss and a secure employee can prove volatile. These are the polar opposites, and working together brings out the worst, as the relationship can’t coexist, let alone work together.

Other Toxic Combinations
The dynamics switch again, if the employer is secure and the employee is insecure. In romantic relationships, the secure individual can usually get the cold shoulder when attempting to express their opinion honestly. The insecure partner clams up.

If the boss is insecure, the power struggle becomes an issue, more so than a romantic relationship. The insecure boss doesn’t want or care what you think, leaving you feeling unappreciated.

But what you know and realize is that the boss controls your direction, and you realize that there’s little you can do to make things better.

Insecure bosses will usually give mixed messages to their employees. You the employee might think that they care about your opinion, so you express them, only to be shot down or be ignored.

If both the employer and employee are insecure, neither will care what each other thinks, and will ignore each other, this when they need to share or exchange information, for instance, at a staff meeting.

Neither will trust what each other says at face value. What you the insecure boss is thinking is that the employee has an ulterior motive, and the employee feels the same about you, this leading to a completely dysfunctional existence.

The Insecure Dynamics
You the secure individual needs to go to work daily and answer to an insecure boss or employee. Realize that the situation can function, provided that if you let it, provided you are assertive.

Know that it’s always a two-way street, that while both of your personalities may be polar. You can at times gain additional insight into your own contribution, when dealing with these types of relationship.

If you happen to be a insecure boss, and you see yourself remaining in this personality profile, know the impact that your leadership position has on your employees. Adjust to work towards building better relationships which are more productive.

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