Winners in Sports and in Life

Athletes are often rewarded in sports, but winning awards goes beyond what happens on a football field or on a basketball court. Awards are a symbol of recognition and can be given for:

• Retiring from a job after years of service
• Valuable ideas
• Musical competitions
• Poetry and writing competitions
• Innovative ideas

Awards can be given for almost anything. Often we think of engraved crystal awards bestowed upon the recipient of a sporting event. In actuality, this type of award can be engraved with anything you want to say.

When people think of an athlete, they think of an award-winner who has consistently earned praise and has dominated an arena.


Life-changing events in today’s world call for a mindset that is bolstered by resilience. Adaptation is often necessary and is an ongoing process that makes people stronger. Challenges are presented and everyday events can often seem overwhelming. Resilience is built by:

• Moving towards your goals
• Making connections
• Taking decisive actions
• Maintaining a hopeful outlook
• Taking care of yourself

Expecting the Best

When faced with challenges, the winner feels hopeful that the outcome will be for the best. Optimistic outlooks are the basis of actions that are positive and inspire others as well as the person who is being optimistic. The winner of life who expects the best:

• Lets themselves experience emotions when appropriate to do so
• Steps forward and tackles problems
• Spends time with loved ones
• Relies on others as well on relying on their own abilities

The Benefits of Rewards and Awards

Because recognition is important in life, winners like to be recognized. Often they have benefited the community in which they have lived or worked.

The community could be a team, a group of like-minded individuals, a work-related project, a contest or competition or any situation where they have shown resilience, ability, and the movement to go forward. They may have helped others, such as children or an undervalued segment of society.

Presenting people with an award of recognition is a special action. Awards offer a visible sign of recognition that adds to future performance, confidence, and a feeling of being appreciated. Those who receive the award are often very honored and are thankful that their work or participation has been recognized by the community.

Winners of awards often just become happy by doing the service or diving into their passion. As the foundation of a happier life, they have chosen to give back to the community, whether through service, the creative arts, sports, work or other passion. Winning an award is the icing on the cake.

People like receiving awards, but that is not the reasoning behind their superior performance. Being recognized is certainly a plus when it comes to future performance.

Employees in a company feel appreciated with the winning of a tangible sign that says, “Your contributions are valuable.” Recognition is important to show others in the organization, in addition to the winner, that contributions are noted and appreciated.

An employee who is retiring is especially proud that their service over a period of time has been recognized. Receiving an award is a token of the work they have done as well as the friends and experiences they have had in the organization. Knowing they are appreciated for their contributions is the best way to leave the company for the next chapter in their life.

Winners may be really good performers, but winning takes more than that. Consistency and dedication are part of a winning attitude. Meeting the challenges of every day and winning at the game of life is made possible by resilience in the face of challenges and winning as one moves forward in life.

Those who have met these challenges can be rewarded with a prize, plaque, or award that can be displayed and appreciated. It shows a person that they are appreciated by the community in which they live and work and helps ensure future contributions.

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