Escaping The Victim Mentality By Becoming Financially Free

Your limbs remain in shackles, you’re a prisoner in your own skin, paralyzed and limited to an inadequate life. You can’t do the things you want to. Your life quest then becomes doing all you can to escape and break free from this virtual prison, and you’re the only one who can do so.

This lack of freedom many face, is financial freedom. To self support yourself and not rely on others.

To survive and exist on your own two feet without the need to depend on external resources. This could be your parents or government handouts.

You also feel you’re cursed, a loser, you can’t make it on your own.

Yet take a look around you, the world is filled with abundance, littered with wealth.

What are the secrets to their success. Why are some able to garner a fortune, live lavishly, while others struggle to scratch out a living.

What Is Financial Freedom

It’s the ultimate dream for many, of humanity, the quest to find freedom in their life.

The freedom of thought, the freedom of speech and belief. The freedom of expression. What many are alluded by however, is financial freedom.

The definition of financial freedom, is living a well-planned lifestyle, where one is no longer required to work for income, this to cover their expenses.

What financial planning experts wonder is why schools and colleges, don’t teach financial intelligence. What’s taught instead is fiction, history, conjecture, but never a “how to get rich” guide.

What’s taught instead is theory on how to invest in real estate, how to own your own business,

We’re taught assumed money generation techniques and money protection methodologies.

Searching For Financial Freedom

Anyone who has a “job,” who works for an organization without decision making abilities, what management does is dictates their financial welfare.

You then become a victim to the consequences of management or business failure, which is beyond your control.

These can be external macro factors, such as a poor economy, competition, market environment, government policies, acts of god.

What you the employee then face is the blunt end of their mistakes, retrenchment, pay cuts, downsizing, or bankruptcy.


Forever The Struggle

What then happens is you start looking for another job. Maybe this time, lady luck will shine on you, and those dark clouds of ill-fate will finally be lifted.

You manage to secure a position with a blue chip company, or perhaps work as a civil servant with an “iron rice bowl.” In your mind, what you’re saying to yourself is “I’ve finally made it in life.”

After some time however, you wonder if you’ve really made it. Your salary may or may not be able to support your monthly living expenses.

You’re still struggling to pay the mortgage, car loan, student loan, credit card, utility bills that never ends.

The Rigged “Rat Race”

Maybe you’re one of the fortunate ones, who has a job where your paycheck far exceeds your current living expenses, and some to save for retirement.

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones, who earns an executive income working at a top echelon organization.

But ask yourself, are you happy. Are you out of your element and your health fails. Can you stand the merciless office politics.

Are you getting stuck in the early morning traffic jams on a daily basis, which seems to never end, which stresses you out.

But I Like My Job

It you enjoy your work, then great. But how are you growing your money.

Are you using the power of compounding, this to accumulate wealth. Are you investing so there will be a nest egg once you decide to retire.

It’s up to you once you grow old tired and creaky, where you can proudly say. “I did what I loved to do, and I can support myself!”

Beyond Financial Freedom

Once your passive investment income is able to cover all your expenses, that’s when you’re considered financial free.

This large nest egg passive income, should also be able to be easily liquidated, if there’s a need to do so.

Financial freedom, is where you don’t need to work for money, but the money works for you.

Passive Income Is The Key

Generate passive income by finding, learning, and then putting in the time, effort, and money, into building something.

One that creates income consistently, long after you’ve completed the foundation.

There are a variety of ways to build these money-making machines. It could be investing in the financial markets, a home based business, real estate investing, or home ownership.

The biggest obstacle when it comes to financial freedom, is not everyone has the skills, experience, the know-how, or the capital to build them.

The key, becomes finding something that suits your ability. You should also be building multiple streams of these “money generating machines.”

How big or how many you build, depends on your desire, effort, capital and risk tolerance level, sprinkled with a bit of luck.

The point being, you need to be in control of these decisions that affects your life.

Streams Of Financial Freedom

Your chosen path to financial freedom, also depends on your motivation and the amount of time and money you have.

What’s known for certain is it usually takes money to generate money, while what’s also proven is you can create wealth with little money.

What we all have heard over and over and what many have proven, is if there’s a will, there’s a way.

If you’re seriously wanting to reach financial independence, then you need to first eliminate all of the subconscious blocks you have about generating money.

You need to free your mind to create the wealth you want to accumulate.