The Need To Focus On Intention Rather Than Wishing For Hope

When you independently want something, when you’re ready and willing to make your mark in life. Such as looking for a new job or starting that business. What most will do is wish for a these things to happen to them, relying on hope.

This could be instantly landing that ideal date, or immediately having customers pounding at your door or website, without spending any effort or money on marketing.

Realize the process of “wishing” for something, is weak willed and most often futile.

Once you wish for something, what it fails to do is activate intentional action. Realize wishes are just mere thoughts, which is similar to dreaming when you’re awake.

Wishful thoughts are wispy, not grounded, and lacks foundation. Wishes are future oriented.

To get what you want, what’s required is intentional focused awareness, on what’s currently happening in your life.

It’s the immediate, your current circumstances in life, is when you can make things happen.

While wishing is fine, there needs to be a plan to convert it into intention, which points to what you want the most.

The Hazards Of Wishing

So what you need is to draft a plan, develop a strategy to reach these goals, and decide to take action on them.

The strategy, needs to be broken down into easily executable action steps.

Taking action is the key, to reaching what you want. Transferring a wish into a vision, begins with creating forward momentum, the willingness to move ahead.

Always Look To The Future

The hazard of wishing, is that it wastes time by tying you down to an uncertain future.

What wishing does, is removes you from the present moment, and projects you 5 steps ahead of where you should be.

The only place where you’re able to make change, is right now, by executing your plan step by step.

So instead of investing your time and energy wishing what you want in the future, think of what you can do today, right now.

What action you can take in the next few moments from now, to create that future.


Living With No Intent

Wishing is glorified daydreaming, which lacks vision. An intention on the other hand, is a definitive thought or statement on exactly what you want to accomplish.

The energy that surrounds wishes are ephemeral, while intent is focused energy. Think of where your mindset is, when you say you’re “wishing” for something.

Instead, change that to “I intend to” followed by what you want to accomplish. Notice the energy shift of the new statement.

Be Careful What You Want

Thoughts are extremely powerful. What you think of the most, gets imprinted on your mind. It has no other choice, but to manifest into reality and into our lives, career or business.

Wishes however are ill defined. If you’re wanting to customize your future, your thoughts needs to be intently focused.

They need to be precisely defined, clearly articulated, and specific about the outcome.

Wishing Is Just Idle Time

What wishing for things does, is burns volumes of productive time, wasting on the fate of hope.

Wishes have too many options, and question marks. Playing the “what if” game may be entertaining, but is extremely time consuming and lacks value.

Wishing for that ideal job, or wishing for more customers, is a waste of energy. But taking action by sending out resumes, or making cold calls, is an intentional act.

So clearly define the next step you need to take, to make things happen, then act on them.

Wishing Is Too Comfortable

Wishing is a game of fantasy, similar to making resolutions, where there’s no action that’s taken or implied on your part.

It’s just a process of mental machination, where you wish, wonder and hope for phantom results.

Wishing never accomplishes anything, as you get easily distracted. There’s no pressing need to grow or learn new things, or to step out of your comfort zone, when wishing.

Having intent however, is a direct road map on what you want to accomplish, which requires taking action.

Having intention moves you fast forward in the physical world, to fulfilling your goals.

There’s No Momentum

There’s no energy that’s generated, when wishing. But since doing so is fun, we enjoy wishing as a favorite activity. “I wish I could win the lottery.”

Wishing is comfort food, for those who are scared to step up and play with the big boys.

Having intent, forces you to take action, forces you to step up, which turns into results.

Then once you take action, it becomes easier to remain in action and get results.

Wishing Turns Into Disappointment

Since wishing isn’t rooted in clarity, and doesn’t call for any type of action on your part.

What it can often lead to, are feelings of failure, sadness, malaise, and procrastination.

There’s no progressing forward. There’s no vision of a final outcome, this because wishing doesn’t require any type of change, from where you’re currently at.

It’s similar to always being on the outside looking in. It’s about hoping and wanting, waiting for someone else to do the work for you.

There’s no external energy that’s involved or generated, to open up doors to new opportunities.

Wishing Leads To Negative Behavior

Someone who’s constantly wanting and waiting for things and situations, will forever feel left out, because they never take action.

They become an expert in everything, a know it all, but have nothing to show for it.

Wishing is strictly a mental process, where there’s nothing else that needs to be done or changed. It’s a continuous exercise in futility. You’ll never get what you want.

This can lead to negative thoughts and disappointment. The feeling of not being good enough, or you don’t deserve it, or you’re cursed.

All that’s required, is having intent, becoming focused and then taking action.

Spinning Your Wheels

You’ll feel stuck, when you can’t move yourself beyond wishing for something to happen. It’s a futile mental activity, leading to nowhere.

Although intentional thinking is also a mental activity, the difference is it’s grounded in focused thoughts.

It’s coupled with a plan of action, a road map, that leads to results.

Wish Upon A Star

What eventually happens, is frustration sets in. It becomes extremely aggravating, because there’s no hope.

Wishing for something will never lead to a different outcome. Nothing will rarely come of it, the circumstances will never change.

Frustration then sets in, as the realization what you wish for, won’t ever come true. So change your thoughts, become more intentional, then take action.