Why You Need A Complete Body Detox Along With A Mind Detox

how to have an emotional detoxThere are countless methods and instruction on how and why you need a body detox, this to cleanse out and refresh the various organs in the body for better health. There are numerous ways of eliminating the impurities, and then flushing them out of the body.

So what most will do is perform this physical maintenance for better body function, improving their health safely and efficiently. But what’s found just as important is cleansing the mind of unneeded negative emotional substance, performing an emotional detox.

What modern health care professionals find is the correlation between a healthy mind and a healthy body, which needs to be aligned together. It’s thought that ones state of mind has a profound effect on our immune system, providing better overall connected health.

So as a result, the practice of emotional detoxing has come into the mainstream, as it’s thought that doing so and then combining it with a physical body detox leads to optimum health.

To Cleanse Our Emotions
What we want to rid of are all the stressful emotions such as anxiety, anger, and moodiness, which makes us feel bad. What’s not obvious or realized is the damage that these negative emotions can cause on our physical self.

Recent studies show that these social emotional factors such as stress and depression, are comparable to obesity and hypertension, this when it comes to our health risk factors, such as heart disease and immune issues.

Other studies prove that those who are happy, are less likely to develop hypertension, or begin developing heart related diseases, this than those who are not as happy.

The Relationship Of Body And Mind
Although the experts aren’t entirely certain what the direct correlation between negative emotions and better heart health is, but what the researchers are certain of is that depression increases inflammation.

The chain reaction of inflammation is that it causes the blood to clot more often and quicker, which then damages the blood vessels which thickens the artery walls.

What’s also known is that the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline will elevate the heart rate, while increasing blood pressure and blood sugar. All factors which are known to lead to heart disease.

Performing An Emotional Detox

Since everyone gets angry or upset on occasion, there are solutions, effective methods to decrease the amounts of negative emotions which we experience, this on a routine and daily basis. What doing so does is it detracts the risk of developing various cardiovascular issues.

Be Conscious Of Your Emotions
What we tend to do is want to avoid feeling bad, so we’ll just repress these emotions, this instead of dealing with them head on. We do this by pretending that everything’s okay, when we know things aren’t.

We deny that a problem exists, or we turn to substances such as food, alcohol, or chronic exercise for distraction. We also know that these problems and negative feelings usually won’t just go away by themselves.

What they tend to do is fester, build up, and resurface at some point in time. So the cure is once you begin to feel angry, upset, or anxious, be aware once it happens, and then allow yourself to experience and deal with them.

Know The Root Cause Of These Feelings
Once you recognize a certain negative emotion, stop and then ask yourself why you’re feeling that way. What becomes easy is blaming the situation or blaming others for making you upset, but ultimately, you’re the one that’s manifesting the feeling.

Most times, any negative feeling can usually be traced back to anger, fear, or guilt with oneself. So attempt to pinpoint the exact trigger of your negative feelings, and then begin formulating a plan of action to alleviate them.

Just Ask For Help If Needed
Digging deep into your emotions isn’t an easy thing to do, and you may find yourself feeling drained out, feel confused when attempting to resolve the core cause of these “bad” feelings.


At times, professional help or online guidance can help so you can deal with them quicker, this in a safer more efficient manner, which leaves you with more time to concentrate on the good.

It can also be helpful to consult with your close friends, your loved ones or family members, this for getting invaluable support during the emotional detox process.

Formulating A Plan Of Action
Once you’re aware of your emotions and realize where the root cause of those negative feelings are coming from, then prepare to eliminate them by replacing them with their positive alternates.

This may involve consciously curbing your anger spurts by meditating, deep breathing, or taking a walk. To overcome your fears, speak your mind if you feel that you’re being wronged, or just let go of people who causes you too much stress in your life.

Give Yourself Love And Attention
One of the best methods of performing an emotional detox is by treating yourself with compassion, love, and gratitude. Make sure that you forgive yourself for all the things that you can’t change or control.

Move away from your past mistakes, accept yourself for what you’re capable of, and find time everyday to do the things which makes you happy. Positive affirmations are an excellent way of boosting the “feel good” emotions, while keeping you grounded.

What’s for certain is that we always won’t find the connection between our physical and emotional health, but there’s mounting evidence which proves that there’s a strong correlation between them.

For optimum health and improving overall well-being, it becomes vitally important to purify your physical body while also aligning it with your mind. This is when genuine healing takes place, allowing you to reach your full potential.

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