Why We Are Never Taught Life Lessons Like How To Earn Money

how to make money in businessOne big omission in life is that we’re never taught how to earn money, of the nuances about the acquisition of money and preserving wealth. It appears that our educational system, the schools that we attend, will teach us about its theory, but never how to earn it.

School, the burden that’s placed to educate us has a certain protocol set in place of teaching anyone who cares to learn, listen, and apply the knowledge to good use. We learn of mathematics, language, science, social studies, history, physical education, etc.

These lessons designed to instruct us on how we can adapt and survive in the big bad world out there, and hopefully become successful enough to earn a living. This so we can blend in well together with society and become contributing citizens.

Even at the post secondary level, whatever course of study we choose to pursue based on our aptitude, what we’re taught are principles rather than fact, which really doesn’t align in consonance with the real world.

How We Learn New And Exciting Things
To get the truth, we surf websites, attend seminars and read books, we talk to those who are more knowledgeable than us on the subjects that we want to learn. We usually learn more by making mistakes, by trial and error.

This is similar to learning how to ride a bike for the first time, we fall, get bruises, get back up and try again. The message learned is, never allow making mistakes to stop you from learning something, learn from your mistakes, encourage yourself to learn more.

Education is just a fundamental foundation which teaches general knowledge. Once outside of school, we need to gather the human life skills ourselves, the ones which pertains to creating wealth.

Choosing What We Do
Our choice of endeavor needs to be something that we love to do. Do what you love, and then expand on it, and the benefits should bring you happiness. So once you follow your heart, you’re following your path, fulfilling your dreams, and you use these same principles and then apply it to business, this to earn money.

Loving is one thing but knowledge is another. It’s imperative to know your business, it’s finicky nuances. Today, information is considered wealth. So once you concentrate on knowing what’s going on around you, then you’ll find new opportunities to get rich from the information you know that’s relevant.

Timing is of essence. Exclusive knowledge in business is vital, and the learning needs to be a non-stop process. Although you don’t need to be completely familiar with a particular business, what you need to know is about the business before you get involved.

Information Is King
Those who have actual hands on experience on a subject are those who you can use to gathering information. Don’t listen to hearsay or theory from those who don’t have any actual experience on the subject.

Knowing, knowledge is your biggest asset, not completely knowing is a liability. This the reason why information today is key, is money.

So exchange accurate information regarding financial and business matters with those you trust as frequently as possible. This to acquire the latest updated news and information.

This on topics which you’re not clear or familiar with, then always be asking questions rather than pretending you know, and always be generous to share your knowledge when asked. Opportunities are often born spontaneously during discussions which are beneficial to both parties.

Gathering information is time consuming but it’s time well spent. At times, it can take more time than operating the business itself. Also know that timing and execution can be just as important.

The Early Bird Really Does Get The Worm
How much or what you know is different from how quickly you learn and act on it. The first, the earliest to know usually gets the opportunity. So if you know of an opportunity that’s not yet mainstream, general knowledge, then that’s good news.

Remain focused, keep a keen and clear mind, and just like the weather, know what the conditions are beforehand. Know exactly what you’re getting into before you take action.


The Flow Of Money People And Energy
When in business, what you need to learn is managing the flow of money, your system, and those you manage. Know exactly where the money that you invest is at all times, down to the penny, so that you’ll never get strapped for cash.

Systematize the flow of your work. This will cut down on wasted time and energy, which affects your flow of money. What you’re generating as a result is additional profit.

Distributing Your Time And Money
Leave time for non-business activities as well, such as your social and family affairs. Give credit where credit’s due, while giving time where time is due. Think of ways of doing more in less time, as all this leads to more profits.

Most find it a difficult task to market or sell their products or service. It takes time, effort and patience to get clients acquainted with what it is you’re offering.

The first reaction is usually to reject it. But once you have the right people to negotiate and handle all your marketing and sales aspects of your business, once you surmount to this, it should eventually bring you better results.

It’s your eyes, ears, wit, and savvy who are your spies to keep you updated, informed, and more knowledgeable than the competition, so make sure you have the edge and always be a step ahead. Most importantly, have fun out there.

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