Why First Impressions Are Usually Cured By A Second Look

coming across as genuineIn rapid fire succession we make hundreds of first impressions quickly on anyone and anything. This as a measure to save time, this to decide whether to move on or to stay. We assess others quickly and spontaneously, within split-seconds, this based on how they appear.

How they decide to dress, stand, talk, laugh, chew their food, how they look at you, the aura that they project, this within an instance of contact, we scan an impression on them. We do so without having any previous interaction with them whatsoever.

The problem, especially if this first impression is negative, even if we find that we were initially wrong on instinct, can be a difficult thing to overcome. This can stifle or snuff out any potential relationship, this unless you reconsider.

Don’t Judge But Be Curious Instead
Are first impressions really cured by a second look, remaining to be open to new information. What it does is encourages us to rush towards curiosity, this rather than judgment. To realize we don’t know the entire story, that it’s best not to assume.

Once this happens, what we tend to do is reconsider. We can connect with others better or pass without forming an opinion. We can notice or observe without labeling, stop defining without knowing the details.

You know the consequences once one assumes. When the entire story isn’t known, the initial negative impression can quickly change in opinion, this based on the new information received.

Once someone has the opportunity to think about and analyze the new data, at times they’ll rethink their initial first impression.

If they’re distracted when receiving that new information however, or if it’s incomplete, most are then less likely to reconsider that initial opinion.

So To Make A Good First Impression
First impressions as a result does matter. Whether interviewing for a job, a blind date, or for any other purpose, what we always remember is our first impression of a person.

Most often, we form judgment regarding others far too quickly, at times jumping to conclusions. What’s also known is that jumping to conclusions is the only mental exercise some people take.

So why would you personally set the trigger, giving off a bad impression, as how you appear is usually your call.

Becoming Mindful And Organized
For whatever occasion it may be, it’s up to you to prepare yourself moments prior to meeting someone, this by organizing and self-centering yourself, as doing so will pay dividends.

So spend a minute in solitude to gather yourself, this to look your best and most productive. What some will do is breathe deeply, or meditate in silence for a few minutes, as that’s all is required.

Be Your Best And Genuine Self
Good ethics are extremely important, so attempting to fake it to be someone you’re not, can become problematic and unsustainable, while others will usually sense something isn’t right.

What you also can’t do is keep up that false front consistently for long, this unless you’re an accomplished stage actor, or have an anti-social personality disorder. So at all times, you should be your natural genuine self, and remain so at all times.

Know The Non-Verbal Signals That You’re Sending Out
What the words that you first speak at times can be deceptive, this usually not on purpose, but because of nervousness or uncertainly on how you’re feeling.

It’s your initial non-verbal communication which speaks volumes of truth on who you are, the vibes that you send out when meeting someone for the first time.


So be mindful by paying close attention to your posture, how you stand, your initial manner. Make eye contact, along with other forms of non-verbal communication which are appropriate for the situation.

Ask yourself what they’re thinking about you when they first meet you, while you’ll also do the same as you meet them. Concentrate on how you come across before you speak.

Appropriately Dress To Impress
How you dress and how you wear it is one of the first impressions and snapshots that you portray. So what’s key is dressing appropriately for the situation, being on trend and fashionable for the environment.

There’s also no need to be that fashion forward by any means, but just be aware of fitting in, as what’s important is that the clothes you wear, how you groom yourself, speaks volumes on who you are and what you think of yourself.

It does matter, this in terms of how others will place judgement on you, the influence that you have on how you behave. So keep on fashion by attending to be current on the clothes you wear.

Also groom your hair, wear the appropriate shoes, easy on the makeup and cologne, this to project and send forward the best message that you can.

No It’s Never About You
Although you may think so, that you’re the focal point of any meeting. By thinking so, you’ll appear too egotistical leaning towards narcissism, this when focusing too much on yourself.

This is a fatal error that many make. To make a good first impression, this especially when it’s a social or business related meeting, make sure that you place the focus on them as often as you can.

It’s not always, hardly ever about you, so make sure that you attend promptly to the other person, this by immediately asking appropriate questions, attempting to see the world through their eyes, and then project how they would see your world.

Not only will you connect better with them, but will find yourself more comfortable and relaxed as you’re projecting your best self forward. What it forces them is to become more thoughtful of you, making yourself more likeable.

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