Why Content Marketing Is The Most Effective Online Marketing

content marketingOn a daily basis, there are millions of new content pieces which are published on the Internet. So it’s not a question of if it works, but what’s the most effective method. There’s no question that content remains king. Content marketing is the best method of brand awareness.

What content marketing does is it showcases your business to the world. This combined with social media outlets such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, provides a quick efficient and an easy to use method of virally spreading the word about your goods and services.

As a result, there are new and unique ways that online marketers are finding to creatively reaching their target audience, while the technology to do so continues to improve.

Different Methods Of Content Marketing
The umbrella that is content marketing can take advantage of a variety of formats and methods, which includes blogs, social media, online videos, web conferencing, articles, research reports and whitepapers all being popular methods, this to tailor fit your particular strategy.

Companies With Blogs Get More Leads
There’s no doubt that everyone on the Web enjoys reading blogs. They love the connection, the bridge in gap between them and their favorite company or brand.

The reason being that what blogs provides is a peer to peer point of view on what a business is about. They’re a go to resource for competitors in the industry, provided that the content is relevant.

E-Commerce Using Content Marketing
It’s no longer just Business to Business companies who are utilizing the advantages of content marketing to publish or promote their wares, but it’s now the entire scope of the marketing sphere.

Every consumer is now flocking towards social networking sites to make their buying decisions. Business to consumer (B2C) companies now view content marketing as the key method when it comes to expanding their client base.

As a result, the value that content marketing provides continues to expand across all e-commerce platforms, industries and outlets.

Marketing To Other Businesses Using Content Marketing
Content marketing is now considered an extremely valuable tool, and it now allocates a huge chunk of a companies marketing budget. This since effective methods of content management systems along with email marketing comes at a cost.

But it’s found that doing so has one of the best ROI’s when promoting their products. Automating certain online marketing tasks saves time so they could spend it nurturing their leads.

The value that is content marketing is the number of leads that are generated, which has the potential to convert into sales.

The Reach Of Social Media And Blogs
A large majority, over 80% percent are searching for or are influenced by social media and blogs to make their purchasing decisions. Regardless if your audience is on Facebook or LinkedIn, content marketers are finding they need to have a presence on social media, while developing a blog strategy.

Social Media For Content Distribution
While offering content remains popular on a blog, it’s found that there’s more reach when targeting the masses through social media. It’s also found that just publishing your content on Facebook or Twitter usually isn’t enough.

What you need to do is build a loyal following on these social networks by providing valuable insightful relevant content. This takes time and effort, and requires a team that’s dedicated to just social networking.

It’s found however, that doing so provides the highest return on their investment over any other method such as SEO, which collects the highest quality of prospects and leads, turning into sales.

Most Businesses Rely On LinkedIn
Close to half of all business rely on LinkedIn when it comes to their sales and marketing efforts. Business professionals turn to this social site to make peer connections with others in their industry, while building their network.


It’s estimated that the top salespeople and marketers will spend approximately 6 hours per week on LinkedIn, as its evolved into an extremely powerful networking tool which is only growing in popularity.

Keep Your Content Marketing Efforts In-house
The easiest and most affordable method of content development is to outsource, but it’s found that keeping the content development and marketing in-house remains the best method.

There are advantages and disadvantages of doing so. The biggest benefit remains that the immediate staff has all access to the primary company data, along with other nuances which outsourced writers don’t have. One disadvantage is that the in-house staff are usually more expensive than outsourcing.

Blogs Remains A Companies Main Source For Traffic
It’s found that if you build a blog, market it properly, then they will come. What active blogs will do is open a funnel to collect precise leads, setting up a method for online success.

So it’s up to the online marketing team to ensure that the blog remains popular and relevant, full of insightful fresh content. What this requires is dedicated work, but the potential benefits are proving substantial.

Email Remains The Most Effective
When it comes to communication, despite the prominence of social media, the first ever form of communication on the Internet, which is email, remains the most effective method of communication.

What a targeted email marketing campaign does is it distributes content to a precise targeted hot audience who wants your information. There are now sophisticated email automation, tracking, and marketing software and methods which makes it easier.

Content Marketing Remains King
Content marketing is what drives the Internet, and it’s established itself as the premier method of revenue generation when it comes to online marketing. Its now the preferred method for companies and brands over any other method of media distribution.

What the numbers don’t do is lie, as content marketing is proving to be far superior for brand recognition and engagement, as the statistics are clearly proving its value.

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