Why Are All Those Successful People In Life So Darn Lucky

getting lucky in businessWe know that some are luckier than others, they appear to get all the breaks. But does luck really exist. Do you consider yourself to be lucky. Luck as an element has been studied extensively, and some claim that they’ve solved how you can improve your own luck.

To some, luck is a myth, that only a few have in spades, that just certain people are blessed with it. They think these people must be lucky because they’re certainly not smart enough. That their success is a byproduct of luck since there’s no other explanation.

But in reality, what it logically comes down to is that luck is a result of hard work, where sweat equity meets opportunity, and then some have the foresight to capitalize on the situation to their advantage, and they do so consistently.

Those who consider themselves to be unlucky, they constantly provide excuses usually because of their laziness or lack of discipline, and then blame it on never getting the breaks they deserve.

Those in sales will often disparage their more successful colleagues as they being so damn lucky, that they get all the advantages. All they need to do is stop complaining and just work smarter, harder, make more calls and work as many hours as the lucky do, then they’d be closing more sales.

What their lucky sales associates know is that it’s a numbers game, that the more calls that they make increases their chances of making more sales. There’s nothing lucky about that.

Luck And Opportunity
So what all this equates to is that those who appear lucky seek and then take advantage of opportunity. They’ll take the actions which allows them to capitalize on what the best odds of success are for them.


To them, it has nothing to do with being lucky. It’s the well calculated results from the direct actions that they take, the risks, to get what they want. So if you’re wanting to improve your own luck factor, look for better opportunities and then take action.

Be Better Organized
Some just have better judgment and more importantly better time management skills. They appear to have more time during the same workday. Some just need six hours of sleep, then they jump out of bed and are fired up and ready to go.

So find better ways to becoming more efficient. Find more time by planning or by starting your day or projects in advance. The rewards and results aren’t dependent on the time of day, but how you take action.

Some will begin to explore and then develop new projects weeks or even months in advance. But the majority are always behind, they’re doing the things today which needed to be done yesterday,

They’ll expend their energy into things which just provides immediate gratification. The most fortunate, the lucky ones will plant their seeds well in advance, and then reap the harvest of success.

Always Be Ready
Those who call themselves unlucky are always reactive rather than being proactive, and are usually not ready for unexpected events. Those who appear lucky are always thinking ahead and are always prepared.

They project and use foresight just to make sure. So what they’re capable of doing is they can quickly switch gears, turn on a dime, change their minds, don’t get distracted easily.

What the unlucky will do is they’ll be working on one project and then suddenly something new and shiny comes along and they lose focus. Their original plans as a result changes constantly and often.

The reason for creating a business plan isn’t to follow it, it’s also to establish a foundation for better decision making, which allows for a better chance to succeed regardless of the obstacles.

Know What You’re Capable Of
Most spend a lot of time and energy attempting to do things which they’re not good at. The successful individuals know exactly what they’re capable of, and will just focus only on what they do best.


Everything else can be outsourced or delegated, or they have a partner who compensates and fills in the gaps. This way, they form a complete picture where they excel at attracting opportunity. What luck does is it emanates success.

Create A Network
So the key to success appears to be accessing opportunity, and access is derived from influence. If you become influential, then people will line up and offer new opportunities to you.

The bigger that your network is, the more powerful that your influence becomes. The only way that you can build a bigger following is by serving genuine value to as many people as possible.

You need to provide the quality of value which causes others to spread your influence on your behalf to those they know, far and wide. They’ll also give credit to you once they do so. So find how you can create that type of value yourself.

Always Be Accountable
The unlucky will pass opportunities because they don’t see it or they procrastinate and don’t take action in a timely manner. They’ll search for the best current opportunity, they find one, but then don’t do anything about it.

Then they consider themselves to be doomed, that they never get ahead. The reason being that they fail to take advantage, this either because of laziness or a lack of confidence.

So just by taking a calculated risk, by doing something, while expecting to make mistakes, is infinitely more impressive and powerful than the act of just initiating. Just ask those lucky people around you.

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