Where To Find Those In Demand Recession Proof Jobs And Careers

They'll never know, unless it's on your resume.

Recessions happen, the economy slumps and it can be a very annoying and stubborn thing to go through. Once it decides to drop by your neighborhood, it can linger around for a while. But that does not mean you should sit back and wait it out by no means. It does however have a habit of wrecking havoc on our finances and lifestyle. During these tough economic times, when finding a good paying job seems almost improbable, the market for employment is grossly affected by the recession, there is hope. So fear not, there are some excellent employment and career opportunities out there that are recession proof.

Look for careers and jobs in secure industries
If you have recently read the news, they are telling you that getting a job in say the local auto plant is next to impossible, or the mill, real estate or any other type of manufacturing field that relies on the economy to function.

But instead of wasting time trying to join one of these industries that’s economy driven, and is experiencing some bad times, set your sights instead on those areas of the economy that will remain stable or are even experiencing growth. Yes, they do exist and they include:

Health Care – Careers such as: special care, nursing, care-giving, medicine or physical therapy. Jobs in the human wellness and support areas are always available as our demographic is aging

Law Enforcement – Police and security is always a vital necessity and required as the economy worsens

Information Technology – Jobs in software development and design, computer network administration, internet related positions (website design, coding) is in constant demand and growing


Customer Support Services – Jobs in customer service or administrative assistance will always be in demand in any economic situation

Sales Marketing Business Development – If you have a talent for it, you will be in demand. Careers such as product management in the retail or wholesale sectors, product development and the personnel to sell and market them

Engineering – In our ever evolving world, engineering technology will always be in demand in any situation

Education – Careers involving school administration, teaching and other related support services will be required as this sector will never go away

Boosting your resume
Resumes display your working life, and if potential employers see nothing new or promising in your resume, they will not usually think twice about throwing it in the trash. Before you secure your place in a recession proof job, you will have to consider reevaluating it. Take a look at the latest copy of your working life story and review it. If your resume is not updated, then there’s a likelihood that it needs a makeover.

Focus a lot on your accomplishments
One of the biggest common errors amongst job hunters is detailing and describing their previous job descriptions in their resumes. Although it may be helpful in establishing their previous work experience, it may not project to your prospective employer what you are capable of doing. Emphasize the results you have achieved and/or produced instead.

Adapt your resume to the situation
Just producing a generic looking resume is a huge mistake. Being generic is just being average, which means you will not stand out of the crowd, regardless of your credentials or qualifications. So make sure your resume, your salesman to land that interview, is something special that your potential employers will find intriguing.

Start by considering the industry you are targeting. If that is a job that requires a strong sales or marketing background, then strongly emphasize your sales background and achievements. If it calls for strong technical or engineering, then state your qualifications, education or achievements in those areas. The more relevant that your resume is to that job, the better you’ll obviously be at landing that position.


Expanding your reach
Other than just applying to advertised job vacancies in the newspaper or the internet, consider other areas for finding jobs. Look into trade magazines, trade clubs or associations. Tap into the network of professionals in the same field. Take the initiative to just applying to a job of your choice, with the company you want to work for, even if they don’t have any openings.

Always further your education
During these tough economic times, it’s the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill by furthering your training or education. Getting certified or expanding your professional qualifications will help you in making yourself a more desirable employee.

Keep in mind that these recession proof jobs will be in high demand amongst other job hunters who are most likely considering the same strategies that you are. So it’s paramount that you better qualify yourself. So get better training and experience, and polished up your resume so that it stands out.

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