Where Does That Paved Road Of Genius Begin

genius-quotes-chikdrenIf you at all have an interest in the theories of quantum physics, then you will know or be aware that the very observation of certain experiments has been shown to affect their outcome. Without going in too deep or detail, the implication is that the experimenters may be somehow connected to the experiment itself, and regardless of what they happen to do, they are unable to prevent their influence over it. On levels of meta-physics, this is evidence of our oneness with everything. Somehow we are connected to everything that’s outside of us, and have access to all there is to know, but simultaneously are separated by the illusion of our apparent individuality.

But what is it that makes all of us appear to be different from each other. Have you ever wondered why that certain people at an early age exhibit genius qualities? What is it that makes a certain child, say becomes an 10 year old chess grandmaster, a great mathematician, or a virtuoso musician well before their time, without taking lessons or training. Is it the inherent power of their mind or is there a secret in how they are wired?

Using Your Channels
For a moment imagine that we are all connected to pure consciousness through a series of channels. These channels solely exist because of our idea of separation, and where or why we feel our place is in the world. Our minds have flourished regarding this idea of separation. All the ideas that we hold about ourselves including our background, our status, our sex and race etc., have allowed the mind to take absolute control of our lives.

This control has a direct bearing on the strength and number of channels that open up to us. They are what makes us individually different, and why some people seem to be excellent in certain given fields, while others may struggle. It seems that the access to pure consciousness may be prevented by the mind. Not only are the channels forged and formed by the mind through its idea of separation, they may also blocked by the mind’s activity. Like noise coming out of a radio, the mind will interfere with the channels that possibly keep us connected to our true self. We live our lives by the mind, as well as through the mind, and only on certain occasions do we glimpse the greater powers that exist.

Solving Problems
Have you ever noticed that the harder you think about a certain problem, the solution or answer is a lot more illusive? Yet, once you still the mind or stop thinking about it altogether, the answer seems to magically come to you from nowhere? What this is, is an open channel to one’s greater self that is free from any interferences of the mind.

The best solutions seems to come from beyond the mind! The mind can only give you the solutions or answers to problems based on past experiences and knowledge. There are a lot of famous musicians or artist, scientists and writers that all have said that their greatest ideas usually come from a deeper place than the mind. We all from time to time experience this on certain levels since we are all similarly connected to the greater self through many channels. It is just that the strongest connections go hand in hand with our greater skills; those are the skills we practice the most!

Where Does Talent Come From
When an apprentice begins to exceed the master’s ability, where has his or her new found talent come from? The same can also be said for those that we consider genius. Somehow, regardless of age, they have found a stronger and open channel to the greater self. And they keep this channel open and strong through constant practice. It is this consistent practice that lowers the level of unwanted mind noise and keeps the channel open to new brighter ideas.


This is the key for the rest of us. These channels allow each of us to develop the similar qualities of genius. When we constantly practice something, we open the channels to the greater essence of the thing that we are practicing. We tune ourselves into that greater power that makes us exceed the abilities or talent of our mentors. We then become classified as a genius. In effect, we will become a genius in whatever subject it is that we practice long and hard enough at. Practice and practice alone really is the road to perfection!

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