When Alone Refocus Your Life And Get Your Priorities Straight

it's okay to be alone and reflectAny new relationship is created at its core foundation when you’re stationed in the planning stages, this when you’re single and alone. It’s generally thought that most relationships will have a greater chance of survival when you have recently spent some time reflecting, being completely unconnected.

What you do with the downtime becomes critical. If you’re interested in attracting that perfect relationship that you want, then you need to be the best person that you can be, starting with a fresh clean slate.

With each successive relationship that you have, what doing so provides is further lessons that you can reflect on. If you’re constantly attracting the “wrong” type of people into your life, then it’s most likely because you’re not currently that person who you need or want to be.

In order to create that ideal relationship, you need to reset yourself. What this also means is that for every wrong person that you attract and turn away, you can use that experience to teach yourself a life lesson. What doing so will bring you closer to that true person you really want.

You should also not look back or dwell on any past relationships for long, or regret any of them, they happened and are stepping stones, so just accept and learn, then move on as soon as possible.

Perhaps not right now at this exact moment, but you’ll understand the reason for these past relationships, and as a result will grow, which helps you become a better person and more ready once it happens.

Taking A Time Out Between Relationships
Whenever you find yourself between relationships, that’s not the time to longingly wait and wish for that next partner to arrive at your doorstep, nor is it the time to go out on the “prowl” to force someone to make you happy and complete.

The time, the gap between relationships is an extremely important healing period for you. It’s time to reflect back on all your past mistakes to discover what it was and why that person was in your life.

It’s a time of solitude and quiet introspect to determine the finer points of who you want in a relationship. About a genuine real-time transformation of yourself into that person who deserves the relationship that you’re seeking.

A Dreamboat Wish
No one dreams about meeting someone who’s mediocre, or someone who just thinks of themselves, or just loves you on occasion, taking care of just a small portion of your needs.

No one looks to get involved in a relationship with someone who lies, cheats, or disrespects you or your loved ones. No one dreams of someone who verbally or physically abuses them.

So how can you break the pattern of always choosing that same type of individual over and over again. The key is looking at each relationship, and treating it as the perfect relationship that you needed at that point of time in your life.

Then once it’s over, try to figure out why it didn’t work out, or what it was about that particular person during that point in your life was perfect for you at that time.

The Whole Of Two Halves
Once you decide what it was you learned, and there’s always something, you’ll then have benefited from that relationship. If you take that lesson and then apply it to your life, then you’ve solved half of the equation.

The other half is preparing yourself for the type of person that you want to attract, the one from your dreams. If you’re seeking a person who’ll always stand by you and be loyal no matter what, then ask yourself whether or not you have the same characteristics that you’re seeking.

If there’s something in your character which in the past has caused you to be disloyal, then introspect to learn how you need to heal yourself in order to become that better person you want to be.

Seeing A Reflection
Reflecting forces us to see things about ourselves that we don’t want to see. When we invite that information and learn from it, as doing so will move us closer to becoming who we want to be.


During this down time, this alone time, also take an inventory of the qualities and the traits that you want in your “perfect mate.” It’s easier to attract the person that you want once you have a crystal clear vision.

It should be someone to stand by you for who you are, someone who’s loyal, intelligent, honest, and has integrity and a sense of humor. Someone who has common interests, someone who won’t want to control or compete with you.

Complete Yourself First
Know that you’re perfect the way you are. You’re complete and fully functional without a significant other to share your life right now. So make sure that you focus on your abundance instead of what you’re lacking.

Alone time is perfectly fine and completely acceptable. Don’t rush into the next relationship before you’ve processed the last one. Analyze the lesson learned from that and all your past relationships.

Use this alone time to search and assess whether you’re the person you want to be, as this allows that person you’re seeking to come into your life. Don’t focus on your lack of a relationship, but on how you can help others at this time.

When used properly, this alone time can make an incredible difference in the way that you experience and define your next relationship. Never short change yourself when analyzing yourself during this time.

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