What To Do Once You Stumble On Life’s Big Question Which Is…

searching for explanationsOnce again you’re at a crossroads. This time you’ve made more mistakes, so it’s become harder to resolve. Fear has a grip on you, so you have no idea what to do. Begin by trusting who you are, what your origins are to discover your ability to choose wisely.

We’ve all experienced this when big changes in our lives are underway. Often feeling panic while frozen in time, usually with indecision and wondering. Which way to turn, in what direction. How will things ever turn out, as the confusion becomes compounding.

Our lives are in this constant state of flux, as changes loom on the horizon which becomes a continuous moving target. We have difficulty predicting or visioning the future.

Either direction appears okay, but there’s only one answer. Since we have no idea which one, that’s when basic instinct and faith sets in.

To Be More Aware
Awareness is important, knowing the landscape of your life, making calculated decisions which supports your goals.

In business along with our daily lives, we implement this process without much awareness, so it becomes habitual. Reacting on habit however, isn’t appropriate once new data becomes available.

Going autopilot means flying blind. The data comes from various sources, so we can avoid making the same mistakes over and over again.

The mystery that is life dictates that our ability is to identify new life experiences as being real, results in creating more truth in our lives. If this happens to be a painful experience, then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Using Emotions And Intuition
It’s found that not everyone is in touch with their emotions, or won’t permit their emotions the freedom that they deserve.

Emotions are extremely useful in interpreting or becoming aware of underlying factors, which may not always be evident through hard tangible data.

Some call it a gut-feeling, others a flash of insight or conclusion, where one feels twinges in certain parts of their body without being aware of what their potential significance is, so they become more curious to explore it further.

Spiritual Awareness
This is a quiet place within, that’s a higher level of wisdom, this for the greater good. This can be pertinent for you and your life, as the levels of knowledge which is accessible are limitless. This as if you’re connected to a universal storage of knowledge.

This is a place of knowledge that is less emotional or judgmental, while having the ability to synthesize the data from the mind and the soul, integrating and then offering solutions from a higher level of consciousness. This is what most seek as they mature .

Awareness Of Faith
The role that faith plays, this while not believing in a particular god, but having faith in yourself, while believing that there are greater forces which dictates our lives.

We as human beings are the source of all creation, so it’s not religious, while it doesn’t contradict it either. This is born from a quest for truth which is integrated with spiritual experiences.

It may be incomplete yet a direction to follow, not a destination for you to reach. This is the nature of your spiritual life.

A journey that’s ever changing, an ever increasing level of knowledge and wisdom that we gain through various life experiences. With an open mind, we entertain our relationship with the source of all creation.


Belief In Creation
That creation exists, and we’re living proof. This the reason why scientists study the stars, study the mysteries of time and space, or quantum physics. What we witness daily is creation, yet it remains a mystery.

At the quantum level, we discover that we’re made up mostly of empty matter along with other unusual phenomena, which can’t be explained biologically.

We see an expanding universe, signs of life beyond, as new theories arises, all which appears to point to an apex of creation.

The Thought Of Intention
This mystery is attempting to understand what the co-creative relationships are. Understanding that this force is abundant love, as it supplies us with intention.

Once we intend what we want in our lives, is when it becomes real. Those who do this consistently refer to it as manifesting.

What children have is solid experience of this. Once they want something in their lives, whether a gift, a trip, whatever, it happens. This because they know it will.

This because there’s no fear, doubt, or uncertainty, only gladness that it has come. It’s just a matter of when. That’s the power of intention.

The Power Of Belief
As adults, we learn to ignore all this. Don’t dream that big, you can’t do this or that, that’s only for the privileged.

What you need is a degree, or that there’s too much competition, that it costs too much. That’s how things work, the beast of greed.

Everywhere you turn, we’re told what to do, how to do it, and then it becomes conditioned in our lives as habits.

We measure things by worldly standards and time clocks, not realizing that in the bigger picture, some of those so called “failures” were important stepping stones.

So What’s Stopping You
You may need to realign, twist and turn your priorities a bit, and reevaluate what all your options are. Then you can dedicate your time and energy, this by moving in the right direction at the right time and pace.

So what about you, what’s currently delaying your progress, what are the mental, physical, or emotional roadblocks holding you back. It’s most likely a combination of all.

Once you identify what’s halting your progress, is when it becomes much easier to address it, while moving in the right direction. You can then formulate all your ideas into an action plan.

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