What Those Who Are Mentally Strong All Have In Common

how to be more awesomeIt’s found that you don’t have to be mentally strong as it can be an adopted trait that you can learn and refine. Developing strong mental qualities includes the ability to work extremely hard, while showing resiliently against adversity and failure.

This the internal quality which enables you to forge forward by extending tireless effort, while sticking to it regardless of what happens, this to fulfill your long term goals that you’re wanting to accomplish. To sustain that undeniable fortitude and self directed drive.

To have the determination is what every successful individual possesses and they have it in spades, this since what mental toughness does is it builds the foundation when it comes to longevity.

Those who are successful are excellent when it comes to postponing gratification, to avoid becoming easily satisfied. Those who are driven can withstand temptation.

They step out of their comfort zone and overcome their fears to focus on what they need to do, their target. Successful people never prioritize but instead instinctively know what needs to be done next, what’s most important.

What these qualities need is mental toughness, so it’s really no coincidence that those who are successful, all have them in common.

Fake It Until You Make It
Always act like you’re in control. Feel and show that you control your fate. Some feel that success or failure is out of their hands. If they happen to succeed, then fate favored them. If they fail, then it worked against them.

Successful people feel that fate does play some type of role in their success, but they don’t worry, depend, or rely on it. They think being successful is totally up to them, in their control. If they happen to succeed or fail, they caused it.

So never waste your mental energy worrying about what fate might hand you, but instead place all your effort into making things happen. You can’t control fate but you can control your actions.

Control What You Can
Mental toughness, similar to muscles is limited. So never waste your time on things that you can’t control, as there’s not enough time. Some will exert all their time on politics, global warming, the environment, for instance, all good causes but you can do so much.

All you can do is vote, make sure that you reduce your carbon footprint, and choose to recycle as often as possible. Beyond that, your helpless, you can’t change the world.

Treat The Past As Lessons
The past is valuable since it sets up a training ground for what you did wrong, so you can learn from that mistake. So just extract the lesson, and then let it go.

But doing so isn’t that easy since it depends on one’s perspective. When something bad happens, treat it as an opportunity to apprentice from it. When someone else makes a mistake, be as kind and forgiving towards them as possible.

Take the past as a lesson learned and try not to make the same mistake twice. Think what went wrong and get it right the next time. Track your actions to make sure that you don’t repeat it, otherwise you’re wasting valuable time.

Celebrate Every Success
Especially the success of others. What the majority think is that success is nothing but a zero-sum game, that there’s only one winner, that there’s limited success to go around.

So whenever someone else has success, shines, they think that they won’t get any of their own, as they have the mindset of scarcity. What this does is it sucks up a lot of mental energy which could be used towards more productive things.

If someone does something spectacular, that doesn’t mean you won’t have success yourself. When it comes to success, what it usually does is it breeds itself and will rub off on you.


So never resent anyone who happens to experience success, but instead embrace the win, this wherever you come across it. Eventually, you’ll find some of it coming your way.

Never Criticize Or Complain
What your words have is extreme power, especially to your subconscious. Whenever you whine about the problems that you’re having, it makes you feel worse rather than better.

Once something goes wrong, never waste your time complaining about it. Direct that mental energy into correcting that situation instead, as there’s no point using your time that way.

Just fix it instead. Never talk about what’s wrong but instead talk about how you can make things better, most importantly when that conversation is with yourself.

Always support your friends and colleagues. Never be a shoulder that they can cry on, but encourage them instead. Friends don’t allow friends to whine, but will make them feel better.

Just Be Real
If someone likes you because of the clothes you wear, the car or house you own, your job, or your accomplishments, then they’re not true friends. Those are just material things. What they’re being is superficial, which is completely insubstantial.

Any relationship that’s not based on substance, isn’t a true friendship at all. What real relationships does is they make you wholesome, and you’ll only form these relationships once you stop trying to impress others, and just being yourself instead.

Be Grateful For What You Have
During your quiet times, such as right before falling asleep, stop worrying about all the things that you want, or what you don’t have. Stop worrying about what others may have, that you currently don’t.

Instead, think about what you do have, what you can be thankful for. Feeling better about yourself is the best proven possible way of recharging your mental strength, and not wasting your energy on what you can’t control.

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