What is Pay Per Review and Why Advertise Your Website On A Blog

A new option for online advertising has recently emerged in the form of pay per review or paid blogging. Under this format, advertisers of websites hire the services of established blog owners to write an unbiased third party review about their web site, product or service for a fee.

So Why Should I Advertise My Website On A Blog
A blog is a website that contains updated unbiased journal entries based on opinions, reviews and/or ratings on specific topics of interest to the publisher of the blog and the reader. Blogs are the purest form of socialization as every post invites feedback and comments based on a peer to peer basis.

Traditional websites are most often static. Websites provide information that seldom changes or are updated. The websites are always most often a one way, one sided opinion about a topic, product or service which does not invite feedback.

Blogs are also extremely search engine friendly. New blog postings are always date stamped for freshness and arranged in reverse chronological order, the most recent entry appearing as the top post on the first page of the website. The reader is offered the most current posts while search engine spiders are fed the latest, fresh unique topics of interest often linking to authority sites that already enjoy high search engine rankings.
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