What Is Acidic pH Level And Why Is It Critical To Your Health

getting healthy ph-levelsSo what exactly is pH, and why is it important to actively maintain its level for optimal health. What pH level represents is the exact balance between the acid and the alkaline levels which are currently in your blood.

Keep in mind that acidic pH level is not the same as having acid reflux, which is when stomach acids are required for proper digestion and at times as a result, creates flow back going up your digestive tract, which as a result causes that familiar acidic, burning sensation.

Acid reflux is often the result of constantly eating poor food choices or can also be a combination of deciding to recline much too soon right after a meal or eating too quickly.

Attaining pH Balance

The pH acid rather refers to the subtle balance that’s in your blood stream that has an affect on your entire body. Imagine that pH acid and pH alkaline are on two opposing sides in a tug-of-war type of contest.

Each team is holding and tugging on their end of a long piece of rope and attempting to shift the pH balance to their side. You may also have a pretty good sense of this battle happening every single second in your body.

When the balance of your pH level happens to tip towards either the acidic or the alkaline side of the scale, you can actually become vulnerable towards a variety of unwanted health problems, especially if it happens to tip too far on the acidic side.

Here in North America, since our current eating habits overall is in decline, it’s extremely rare for anyone’s pH level to become excessively alkaline, which is what we want. However, excessive levels of pH acid is much more common.


High pH acidic based blood can be the precursor to practically every disease that’s known to man. Therefore, the level of how much your blood is currently pH acidic or pH alkaline determines whether you’re susceptible to easily getting sick or even worse, suffering from diseases such as arthritis, cancer, and heart ailments.

Sustaining pH Levels
When you attempt to “kick the pH acid” out of your blood, you will then be able to ward off catching the common cold or any and all diseases of all types. Lowering pH acid levels also allows you to feel an abundance of energy as well as being able to shed those excess pounds of stored fat.

Does This Sound Too Good To Be True?
Well believe it, it is true, reducing your pH acid levels is the key. The benefits of lower acid levels in your blood has been extensively tested and proven by recognized medical and research journals.

There are really no actual blood tests however that you can take or that are required in which you can begin benefiting from effectively kicking that pH Acid problem in your blood stream.

If you decide to check what your pH level currently is, which is recommended and encouraged that you do, you should be able to do some form of pH testing at your local health store or even at the pharmacy.

Testing Your pH Acidic Level In Your Body
Once you do the pH level testing, you as most will, may be surprised to learn how much acid is actually in your blood stream. While attempting to actually balancing your pH may sound a little complicated, you may be surprised how simple it actually is.

It’s recommended that you do further research on the many health benefits as well as rewards of ridding of pH acid. Listed are some of the reasons why you should be balancing your pH level as soon as possible:

Results Of Poor Acidic pH Levels
• The main diseases which plagues the majority of people in North America and the Western world would not occur if the body is properly pH-balanced


• The rate at which your “real” age is determined is by how pH acidic your blood is. Your hair beginning to gray as well as wrinkling of the skin and the skin beginning to sag are results of high pH acid in your blood

• One of the reasons why cholesterol levels elevate high is because it needs to repair the damage which is caused to the arteries by high pH acidic blood. This acidic blood can actually scour your artery walls much like a S.O.S. cleaning pad can

• For cancer cells to be able to survive, they require high levels of pH acid. Yes, you read that correct, cancer cells thrive in a high pH acid environment, but they are unable to survive in a high pH alkaline one

• The majority of people experience significantly lower pain thresholds if their pH is well balanced. This also includes those who currently suffer from serious disorders and diseases such as fibromyalgia and arthritis along with a variety of other serious aliments

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