Welcome To The New Economy Which Is Working From Home

Imagine the new work day, as the scent of cranberry muffins flood your kitchen, while sipping a cup of freshly ground coffee as you turn on your laptop. Gone are the days of rushing traffic and people hurriedly going in all directions, pushing and shoving on the subway, battling their way to work.

You’re glad that you made the shift to work from home, where the workforce is trending towards, this especially for millennials. This since everything can now be performed online: ecommerce, sales, marketing, etc. There’s no longer a need to rush to your cubicle at an office downtown, as the “rat race,” is becoming a distant memory.

What’s known is that the biggest stress of any working day, is getting to work. This involves battling traffic, pushing and shoving in the coffee line, as there’s a frantic race to make it to work on time.

Working from home has become a viable option as duel incomes are now necessary, while daycare and other associated costs are skyrocketing.

So thanks to technology, where a small handheld electronic device is now capable of performing any business related task securely, the economic landscape is shifting.

But Working From Home Is Hard
Many are quick to claim however, that working from home needs a special brand of individual, as it’s difficult to remain motivated and focused.

One can easily become distracted, as there are competing demands, boredom and loneliness, the baby crying, and wondering what’s for dinner. Procrastination becomes the key deterrent.


Millennials however, entering the workforce can’t find jobs. They’re raised on everything digital, where texting on smartphones at rapid speed, using Skype for conference calls, marketing on Instagram, are all second nature.

What’s now perfected is multitasking, this in the comforts of their home office. These latte toting hipsters, are creating a completely new job segment, this to replace the traditional 9-to-5.

No Need To Commute
The most obvious is the battle of fighting traffic, as there’s road rage warfare in most large cities, all frantically attempting to get to work. The traffic becomes aggressive and angry.

The mental as well as emotional fatigue of this daily grind, results in less production at work, as it’s proven exhausting. So not needing to leave home, hours of stress and frustration are instantly saved.

Healthier Options Available
What becoming frantic causes are making poor decisions, resulting in munching on a desk drawer full of convenient processed sugary snacks.

What a hectic work environment in the morning does, is throws out the intent of dieting. Anything that’s available is eaten, this to satisfy the hunger pangs once they hit.

But when working from home in a controlled calm environment, it becomes possible to plan a healthy eating plan in advance. Boiling a few eggs, baking fresh banana bread, enjoying hot afternoon tea.

What’s possible is arranging the day to hit the gym, this to break up the lull. To refresh the mind, by going outdoors in the sun at 2PM. The time and energy that’s saved from not battling traffic, can be use for yoga, running, or lifting weights.

Accumulated Fatigue Is Eliminated
Working in an office environment, where there are constant demands and deadlines, the furthest from ones mind is getting physical exercise. At the end of the work day, most feel physically famished.

What’s known however, is that it’s biologically impossible to feel physical fatigue, if working behind a desk all day. Many will mistake mental fatigue, as being physically tired. What the body is actually screaming for, is physical movement.


This is completely different when working from home. There’s more mindful awareness to physically moving around. What’s taken are mini-breaks such as doing the laundry, housecleaning, or taking the dog for a walk.

What’s known is that being confined to a cubicle at the office, competing with work colleagues for that last piece of pie becomes distracting, resulting in becoming less productive.

Increases Work Production
The overall impact once in a better mood, this by getting physical exercise, does is results in being more calm, which results in more work getting done.

Being more relaxed, thinking clearly and creatively, eating the right foods, results in being able to focus on the immediate task at hand.

Often, many think they’re being productive, but actually just spinning their wheels, as there’s nothing that’s accomplished which is noticeable or outstanding. The only benefit being, a guaranteed paycheck.

No Job Security
What’s obvious is that the economy is shifting, where the “boss”’ can ask you in their office, and suddenly produce that dreaded pink slip, as you’ve been replaced.

Competition forces organizations to downsize, outsource, this to maximize profits. Technology is now slowly but surely, replacing human labor.

The Ever Shrinking Job Market
What’s now focused on is efficiency, and it’s the human workforce who are the casualties, as they’re removed and replaced by technology. What’s emphasized is time management, multitasking, more production, resulting in the workers eventually burning out.

So there are increasingly more individuals, who are now making the switch to working from home, escaping the corporate rat race. They’re finding a safe haven, which also allows them to find the time to put fresh dinner on the table, exercise, and find piece of mind.

Many are taking the step by agreeing to “flex” schedules, and deciding to work from home. Others are choosing to take the leap of faith, and deciding to use their skill sets to become entrepreneurs.

All while the “baby boomers” frown in disgust, accusing the millennials of being lax or entitled, wanting special privileges. But the economic shift is noticeable and picking up steam. The cliché is becoming true, it’s better to work smarter and not harder.