Ways To Overcome Difficult Times Of Failure And Come Out Ahead

howtoovercomefailureIt’s thought that everything in life balances out, that life is a constant series of ups and downs, sideways, but usually reaches an equitable solution. Once things in life begins to go wrong, not go as planned, we’ll then instinctively begin doubting ourselves.

What we want is for things to go as perfect as possible, our way, things to fall into place, end up in a win/win situation. But life doesn’t clock that way, it’s full of challenges, lessons, throwing us for a loop at the worst possible times which are completely out of our control.

Since we can’t control everything that happens to us, what it then comes down to is preparing how we react to these life curve balls. So it’s not about what if something “bad” happens to you, but how you react that matters.

Begin By Focusing On All Your Strengths
We like to contradict others and ourselves. We’re happy, then become sad, usually hopeful, at times pessimistic. We act childish on occasion but most often we think logical and sane.

We also have our own personal strengths along with weaknesses which affects how we react and how we do things. We usually tend to place more focus on our weaknesses rather than the things we’re good at.

A strength is something which we can do consistently well, a close to perfect level of performance most of the time. It’s an action that you’re able to accomplish, it becomes hardwired, a habit, a part of your DNA to perform.

What you get is inherent satisfaction from doing it over and over again. It could be solving complex problems, offering empathy to others, having a creative imagination, being an excellent cook.

Doing What We’re Good At
Focusing on whatever it is you do well instead of what you’re not good at makes better sense. When you know you don’t do something well, it makes you feel inferior about yourself and your ability.

But with strengths, you know you’re guaranteed to get results, and can at times at least temporarily eliminate any negative effects which your weaknesses might have.

So say that you fear public speaking and it’s one thing that scares you. But your position requires you to make presentations, and as a result you stutter and sweat, you freeze, you forget to make all the valid points that you wanted to make.

But if you decide to focus on your strengths, that you have amazing social skills and tact, the ability to establish excellent rapport and have an excellent sense of humor.

So if you focus on these strengths, then you should be able to connect better, begin enjoying yourself more, have more fun. What you did was you used your strengths to overcome your weaknesses.

Planning Things Ahead Of Time
There will be times you head into something, do it brilliantly, perform it admirably, which all plays to your strengths. But then there are those times that you’ll blunder badly. You just wing it and not get the results that you want.

Whatever opportunities or challenges that you’re facing, you’ll have a better chance of getting positive results, this provided you plan things for success ahead of time.

So decide what it is that you want to happen, the outcome or solution, the end game. It’s important to get focused on the final result, and the exact steps that you need to take to get it done.

Then begin breaking it down, prioritize things so that your desired outcome occurs. List the exact steps to be taken, don’t stray and follow them exactly. What this does is it increases the odds, the chances that you’ll get the results that you’re seeking by following the plan, the one you’ve prepared ahead of time.

Losing… There’s No Such Thing
Life means different things to different people. Getting a well paying job, getting married, raising a family, feeling valued by others, just having fun. Everyone has their own priorities.


It usually comes down to doing the best you can with what you have. To do well, to try our hardest, to take action, this for ourselves and for those we care about.

Most often life is a struggle, other times it can pure joy, but what’s constant is our capacity to learn, grow, and get better. We as humans have the ability to adapt, which is why we strive to get better if we want, to do and be more.

This the reason why everything we do takes you one step closer to your goal by doing one thing at a time, then another, and another. This is how the most amazing accomplishments in the world come about.

Thomas Edison said that he was on his 210th prototype when he finally got the electric light bulb to work. He never got discouraged, this because he knew that every wrong attempt pulled him a step closer.

Everything that you do, whether it’s significant or not, which doesn’t work out is another step closer towards success, this because you know one more way not to fail. To get 100% percent results, what you need to begin at is 1% percent, and then work up from there.

Whatever it is that you do, whether it works out or not, there’s always the opportunity to learn something. Realize it’s part of the process, and that everything you do beyond that is a lesson which gets you closer to your goal.

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