Ways To Lose Weight Quicker By Increasing Your Metabolism

eating spicy foods can burn off metabolismThe biggest problem when it comes to losing weight is knowing that your body isn’t burning off the calories fast enough. The simple equation being burn off more calories than you consume equals weight loss.

The primary reason for weight gain is a poor undisciplined diet eating the wrong foods combined with a sedentary lifestyle.

But there are ways on how you can take control of this by increasing your metabolism rate. The difference can be as simple as getting better sleep and eating better select foods which fires up your body’s engine. If you know that you’re metabolism is already high, then your only option may be limited to losing weight through exercise since it’s already burning calories at peak performance.

But if you know that your operating a half or below capacity, then there are ways to improve. This by following the proven methods which can shift your metabolism into higher gear.

Efficiently Cranking Up Your Metabolism

Getting Adequate Sleep
The amount of sleep that you get does effect your waistline. Research has proven that if you deprive yourself of sleep, what you’re doing is sending your appetite and hunger hormones completely out of sync.

A study found that adults who limit their sleep to just 5 to 6 hours a night will increase the levels of hunger inducing ghrelin by close to 15% percent, while lowering levels of leptin, an appetite suppressor, by 20% percent.

This isn’t good news for your fat cells. What happens is you end up eating a lot more than you should, leaving extra pounds on your belly to show for it. What experts recommend is an average of 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Try Waking Up Earlier
If you’re constantly in a rush in the morning and all you have time for is a shower, personal hygiene, getting dressed, then shooting out the door with a donut, then you’re neglecting two of the most important activities which boosts your metabolism.

The first being eating a nutritious breakfast, and not just drinking coffee. If you happen to skip that bowl of oatmeal, doing so has its consequences. You’re missing the opportunity to properly jump starting your metabolism.

This because while you’re sleeping, what your body does is it goes into a fasting period forcing your body to naturally store fat. What a healthy breakfast does is it halts the overnight fast, and eating a well balanced breakfast everyday activates your metabolism to burn off that stored fat.

The second thing that you should be doing in exercising once you wake up. It may initially be difficult to throw off those bed sheets and getting on the treadmill or spin bike, but it’s a battle that’s well worth it.

The reason is because it will pumps up your metabolism. As a result, you’ll burn more calories during the day while doing the same things that you always do.

So even just a brisk 20 minute walk or a quick jog will make all the difference. So skip that cup of coffee and the danish, but put on your walking shoes and participate instead.

Eating Smaller Meals Throughout The Day
Avoid the gut filling traditional three large meals a day, but instead have smaller healthy snacks and meals instead. Get accustomed to eating 5 or 6 small nutritious meals spaced out during the day.

What this does is it keeps a steady consistent stream of energy made available to your body. This will then boost up your metabolism as well as your brain power.

So make sure that you keep a lot of healthy snacks such as fruits and veggies, yogurt and nuts, all handy and with you throughout the day for snacking.

Make sure that your main meals, such as dinner, are smaller portions to accommodate for all of this snacking. Otherwise, you’ll end up with extra calories which you don’t need.


It’s also recommended that you don’t skip any meals. Those on diets will often attempt to lose extra weight by cutting out entire meals instead of reducing calories during the day.

This can be counterproductive as what skipping meals does is it forces your metabolism to naturally slow down, then it will begin to conserve calories in an attempt to compensate itself for the lack of food.

Drinking Lots Of Clear Crisp Water
How much you weigh once you step on the scale will usually be lower when you avoid drinking water. But what you’re doing is risking potential weight gain by not drinking enough.

Once you become dehydrated, it can trick your brain to thinking that you’re hungry, so instead of reaching for a glass of water, what you’ll do instead is grab the nearest snack.

Some nutritional experts will also claim that when you drink cold icy water instead of room temperature water, your body will burn extra calories as it attempts to raise your internal body temperature, but this is still up for debate.

The Spicier The Food The Better
Once you decide to turn up the heat factor in your meals using spices, doing so adds more than just flavor. The hot and spicy foods such as chilli peppers, stinging jalapenos, and zesty spices such as cayenne and curry, increases your body temperature.

Know that metabolism and body temperature are related. When you burn off energy or calories, what you’re doing is releasing this heat. So when you increase your body temperature with these spicy foods, what they do is it raises your metabolism, which then burns the stored fat as energy.

Getting Enough Calcium
All of the various studies support that calcium, which is a well known essential mineral, will boost your metabolic rate which in turn promotes weight loss.

There are reports which support that those who consume lots of dairy products are not as likely to suffer from metabolic syndrome. These symptoms include, high “bad” cholesterol, high blood pressure, poor blood sugar, all resulting in belly fat. All of these factors also increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

So if you’re not eating enough calcium rich foods, such as skim milk, yogurt, or low fat cheeses, then begin including them in your diet or take calcium supplements to raise your metabolism.

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