Ways On How You Can Become A SEO Star In Google’s Eyes

eyeongoogle-using-seo-tacticsThe Internet can play tricks on you, it has the ability to make the giants of industry look completely invisible. You as an individual website owner can go up against these multi-national corporations and compete against them.

At times, you can even beat them at their own game. The Web has the ability to level the business playing field, it can eliminate the bumps and the curve balls on your behalf. You as a start-up company which really did start yesterday, if you execute properly, can put your dukes up and go toe to toe with the big boys.

Being able to rank on the very top of the major search engines is the tool which can literally skyrocket your business’s targeted visitor count. The essence of SEO is strategically placing your targeted “keywords” in online spots on the Web where the buyers are. This will gain you instant exposure by providing them with the exact answers which these unique visitors are willing to pay you for.

Mastering this can be a science as well as a mystical journey, as the search engines dictates the rules. Placing a number of relevant links strategically in the path of the search engines seems to be the key which activates them to notice your site. You will then be able to control your own piece of the virtual real estate space on the Internet, which increases your visibility as well as importance.

Ways To SEO Your Site To The Top Of The Search Engines

Submitting Your Site On The Web
Make sure that you register all of your sites on the major search engines, the secondary search engines and the online directories. Google, Yahoo and Bing will allow you to directly add your sites URL to their search databases, which allows anyone to find your site for free.

Since all of these search engines have their own algorithms as well as rules, make sure that you learn as well as follow their exact input instructions. Some claim that you should never submit your site to these search engines and force them to naturally find you via links, but it’s up to you.

There’s also paid services to kick start the search engine indexing process. There are proven services such as Web.com, which you can use to register your site. You will also get complete SEO reports which will give you detailed suggestions on how you can improve your sites ranking as well as online visibility.


Also create a company profile and then submit them to relevant directories such as DMOZ.org, Yelp, Angie’s List and Google Business Center. The more credible the links on these sites appear which leads back to your website, along with your Page Rank, all contributes to a better chance that you’ll appear higher in the search results.

Optimizing Your Site
Make sure that you make your site friendly to the search engine robots. To begin with, you will need a targeted header on your site which should be no longer than 80 characters max, and a description of what your site offers in 200 characters or less. Both the title as well as the description should also include your “brands” language as well.

Make sure that your targeted keywords as well as your phrases are included in the “meta-tags” of your site, the body of your text (especially the first paragraph), as well as in the search engine description. But never overuse the keywords as this may cause a few of the search engines to determine that your site may be ‘spam,’ which results in poor page rank.

Distributing Press Releases
Write a Press Release, and then distribute it by posting it on the various Press Release Sites at least once a month. This will create significant as well as highly important back-links to your site, which will increase the visibility as well as your sites ranking.

When you’re drafting the press release, make sure that you include your targeted keywords at least once in the title and a few times within the text of the body, preferably in the first and last paragraphs.

Once you create your PR copy, make sure that you embed the links pointing back to your site by using your targeted keywords or phrase as anchor text. To avoid the search engines considering your press releases to be spam, hyperlink one keyword every 100 to 150 words.

In some of the cases, the press release distribution service will require you to create the hyperlinks by using their own software. But in most cases, these press release sites will allow basic HTML hyperlink code.

Using wire services such as PR Web, which has a cost for submission, or free submission services such as PRLog.com, will distribute your press release to hundreds of sites as well as social media networks. As there are a lot of sites which allows you to post as well as share your press release at no cost, it’s recommended that you use them.

Creating Social Media As Well As Video Channels
Social media as well as video posting sites offers your site as well as your brand the opportunity of controlling hundreds of web pages located in prime virtual real estate areas on the Internet. The majority of these has high site ranking. You should be using these resources to populate your sites profile, using your specific tagline as well as your Web’s URL.

What’s important is that you are able to include your chosen keywords as well as your brands language directly on the headlines, the descriptions and the tags on all of your videos, media, images and your social media posts.


Creating Online Content Using Your Keywords
Creating online content which includes articles, newsletters, and blogs offers extremely valuable content which can significantly increase your site’s exposure in the search engines.

If you are creating the content yourself, then make sure that the headline as well as the first paragraph includes your targeted keywords or brands identity. Link the targeted keyword phrases back to your site or blog.

You should avoid link dumping, by selecting just a few phrases which are meaningful at one time. Surround and support the keywords with descriptive text, which should help the search engines in determining the relevancy of your contents subject in a search query.

Syndicating Your Content
Each placement of your site and your brand, along with your content as well as your URL on the Web increases the chances that visitors will find as well as click on your link. So make sure that you syndicate your blogs, your articles and your content strategically across the Web by using syndication distribution sites such as iSnare.com.

You can also share your content by distributing them on social bookmarking sites such as, Delicious, Digg, and StumbleUpon. Also consider using automated syndication sites such as OnlyWire.com or Ping.fm.

Enable your readers as well as your users to be able to share your content easily by embedding social media tools such as TweetMeme or Facebook Share into your blog or Website. Social bookmarking sites as well as social media sharing tools will pull the header of your submitted content onto their sites, so make sure that your keywords are always visible.

Allow Guest Blogging While Commenting Regularly

Writing comments and guest posts on relevant and popular industry sites, threads, as well as forums are excellent ways to create valuable back-links to your site. Compile a list of the most important blogs, sites and forums in your niche or industry, by using sites such as Technorati or AllTop.

You may also be able to contribute your content as a guest blogger, where you can include your “brand” identity and targeted keywords or company website credentials with your content post.

Make sure that you also comment as well as respond on a regular basis to posts which are made by site content providers who offer relevant opinions which incorporates your targeted brand keywords along with your sites URL.

When you register on new accounts, try using your ‘keyword’ as your username, and if possible, link it back to your sites URL. In most cases, the username becomes a hyperlink when the comments that you make go live.

Link Swapping With Other Sites
One important aspect of effective SEO is getting relevant backlinks pointing to your site from high Page Rank sites. So don’t hesitate to ask your visitors, your friends or business partners if they would be interested in exchanging links as well as sharing content.

Keep In Touch With The Latest SEO Tactics
The Web as well as all the Search Engine Optimization tactics which are used is a constantly moving non stop target, and the strategies which may of worked yesterday, may not work tomorrow. So always keep up to date and follow as well as read up on the latest twists and tweaks that the major search engines make, and take full advantage of them.

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