Ways On How To Activate And Then Supercharge Your Motivation

how to motivate yourselfMotivation is the key driving force, the very essence behind any change that can be life altering. It stems from knowing exactly what it is that you want to do in your life, and then developing that insatiable hunger to go for it, to get it done.

You’ll then do whatever it takes to do it right, to get it done purposefully. What motivation does is it keeps your hopes and dreams on track and in focus, as it’s the built in propeller which drives you moving forward through thick and thin, this once things get tough.

Begin by creating a picture board in your mind, and then fill it with the images, the exact visuals of your goals. This could be that new car, that well paying job or new business, that beautiful home by the sea to retire, these all being achievable dreams.

Other visuals could be images of your holiday destinations, the person you want to capture and get the attention of, the designer clothes to wear, the fine restaurants to frequent, you can have it all, whatever it is that will get your pulse racing.

Motivating Your Life To Get What You Want

Just Get Mad Sometimes
Just get a bit angry. If you’re wanting to alter your life for the better, don’t remain stoic, instead get a bit angry with yourself, your current station in life, where you may be right now, you have permission to fume about it a bit.

Having a blase docile attitude towards change isn’t what works, and it won’t create or activate any strong desires within you. So just ask yourself on a daily basis: “What do I want to change?”

It’s because you’re just fed up with your mediocre life. You job sucks and your boss is a tyrant. Your life is boring dull and predicable, making you sick and tired of doing the same thing everyday, over and over again.


You’re just stagnant beyond belief in your current state of life, along with all the uninspiring unhappy people around you that you need to deal with. These are all reasons to get upset about.

Write down everything that makes you frustrated, all of the unrewarding, miserable things that makes your life completely void and empty. Ask yourself, is this what I really want?

Managing Your Time Better
You think you have time, but you really don’t. So begin appreciating the value of time. Time is one of the most precious and the most exclusive resources that you can manage, and it’s nonrenewable.

You can either use it to your advantage or just squander it. If you’re wanting to create change for the better, then you’ll need to manage this “time” better to make things happen.

Begin by reducing the time that you burn on irrelevancies: television, Facebook, weekends shopping, visiting friends and family, all events which won’t help you get what you want, which robs time away from you.

Time is a valuable resource which you can always use a lot more efficiently by you investing it into yourself, be greedy that way. Keep in mind that you really have a finite amount of time here on this earth.

No one knows how much of this time we really have left, things happen. So it comes down to how you manage this precious time that really counts. So make sure that you make best use of it, and that means starting right now.

Thinking Out Of The Box
Don’t surrender to conformity. Don’t become mindless and become afraid of change, to pursue what you really want, to find your own way. Most have a habit of following and doing what everyone else is doing, surrendering to the masses.

So what you need to do is think a little radically. Be that person who becomes courageous enough to forge your own path, to be a little different, absurd and a little weird. And never mind what everyone else thinks or says, who cares.

What most will dutifully do is trot and follow what everyone else is doing, thinking that’s the norm, thinking that what everyone else is doing must be right. Know that if you do what everyone else is doing, you’ll just get what everyone else is getting.


What you don’t want to become is mindless, timid, who blindly follows. What you want is to create your own passage, become a leader and make them follow you. Become a warrior who has the courage to be unique, to do what you want to do, making your dreams come true.

Scared Of Your Own Fear
Fear is that powerful creeping force that constantly robs your dreams. It’s determined to stop you in your tracks while blunting your motivation. But realize that this only happens once you allow it to.

Are you going to allow this cruel destructive force to trample on your dreams, what it is you want, what you deserve, allow it to steal your happiness while crushing your spirit.

Imagine this thought that can haunt you in your final days. “I didn’t do, I failed to do all the things which I wanted to, this because I was too scared, too frightened to live.” And by then, it will be far too late for you to conquer this fear. So fight it right now, refuse to allow fear to spoil your life, and begin taking action on your dreams at this moment.

The world, all of your friends, family, and foes alike are waiting for you to do something, anything, so active your unique gifts. Why should you allow anyone to wait any longer, get motivated and do something.

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