Ways How Those Who Are Insecure Seek To Gain More Attention

When first meeting someone new, you instantly get a sense in their presence, if they’re confident or suffer from insecurity. Those who are insecure, will attempt to show, prove, how important they are. They’ll exaggerate their grandiose, while making you feel inferior by putting you down.

They attempt to force you to look at yourself more critically, making you feel defeated when in their presence, wondering if you’re really a failure in life, like they perceive. It’s often a relief to get away from their stuffiness, and move on with your day. Those who are insecure, will appear arrogant, to cover up their deficiencies.

One of the telltale signs of what the insecure will do, is strive for superiority, attempt to prove that they’re better than you, or become bullies proclaiming they’re in charge.

Those who are insecure are aware of their weaknesses, and as a result will show a tough outer exterior, a shell where they’ll display unusual effort to present themselves as favorable as possible, this to avoid anyone confronting their faults.

Living A True Life
Help for this type of personality, involves asking them to confront and accept their true identities, their flawed selves. The key becomes, they need to be made aware of their inferiority complex.

If they’re not confronted, what they’ll continue to do is all they can, to create the impression that they’re better than everyone else around them. The longer they avoid facing their true selves, they’ll continue their manipulative ways.

They Pretend They’re Always Occupied
They’re always attempting to appear busy, that they’ve got something better to do, that their day is so full, that they’re not able to spend any time with you, especially if you confront them.

They’ll constantly fidget, look at their phones, become distracted by the surroundings, or will talk unusually fast or excessively, while appearing harried and overworked.

After all, the more important you are, the less time that you can afford to relax or spend time with anyone. Even if they’re not all that important, they’ll take on these attitudes, attributes, to appear that they are.

Routine Events Become Exaggerated
What they constantly project, is how important they are. They’ll make a routine company meeting sound like they’re attending a seminar, only reserved for the rich and famous, for those who are successful in life.

This “board meeting” may just be a general gathering of coworkers, who are getting together to plan the Christmas party. They’ll however make it sound like it’s an exclusive life altering event.

An Air Of Arrogance
Keep in mind, that they think they’re more important than you, that they’re smarter and more advanced than you. So they put on this aura of preoccupation.

Those who constantly appear hurried, are usually nervous worried people, as what they’ll do is project an air of self-importance.

What they don’t want is to appear relaxed and open, and be vulnerable to distractions such as talking to you. Their dour demeanor, proves they have more important things to deal with.

Won’t Immediately Return Your Virtual Communication Messages
You know that they received your message, but you’re left hanging and becoming frustrated waiting for their response.

The reason for this, is because these insecure individuals want to appear as though they’re so busy, that they don’t have the time to deal with your message right away.

“I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.” Although they really may be genuinely busy or distracted, it’s how they come across to you.


They’re Constantly Late
What’ they’ll do is intentionally make you wait for them to arrive, this at times subconsciously, but more often on purpose. What they want is to appear that they’re busy, or they have more important things to do.

Even if they arranged the meeting themselves, they’ll rarely be the first one there, or they may choose to arrive late on purpose.

Then you and everyone else, are forced to wait while they illuminate themselves, this by placing you in a position of less power, which then suits their need to be important just fine.

Will Constantly Exaggerate Their Accomplishments
This especially on social media, to prove to everyone how great they are They’ll never post the “wins” of others, but will constantly post what their doing, where they’re vacationing, just to fortify their ego.

Those who are insecure, aren’t afraid to broadcast themselves to the world. On a business site such as LinkedIn, they’ll give themselves self-accolades, list every accomplishment, skill, or talent that they think they have, or wanting to possess.

Every Facebook post places them in an advantageous light. They’ll make sure that their images features them in positions of prominence, such as taking selfies with someone important, telling you and everyone else, that they’re more accomplished than you’ll ever be .

Always The Center Of Attention
In every situation, they behave like they’re the smartest person in the room. Once they’re challenged, and feel threatened by someone who calls them out, they’ll sulk, or get abrasive and arrogant.

For those times when they have no idea what the subject is about, they’ll just put on a show, hoping that their BS will fool everyone. What they’ll do is dismiss your contributions or opinions as irrelevant, or they’ll claim they already knew the information.

For those who are accomplished but are insecure, what they’ll blatantly do is tell everyone who’ll listen, about their lofty accomplishments, this provided that they have the confidence to do so, .

Those who think they need to assert their importance, aren’t always that likable or pleasant to deal with. But knowing what makes them tick, helps you deal with them better, while sympathizing with their lonely existence.