Ways A Massive Ego Can Interfere With Your Marketing Strategy

The almighty ego, thinking that you’re better than you actually are, acts as a shield to protect your insecurities. Everybody has one, whether big or small, faint or narcissistic, which can block your success. What we constantly have is this need to be right at all times, even if we know we’re wrong. We incessantly talk about ourselves to annoyance, coming from a standpoint of arrogance.

So it comes down to how we harness this ego. The most effective way, is to play to our strengths. When it comes to business, if it’s always “me, myself, and I,” then the focus isn’t on your clients, but on you. So it’s extremely important, to become more self aware on how you come across and conduct yourself.

Our ego if it’s managed properly, has proven it can serve us as well, as it helps in setting up certain boundaries and standards of performance. It can inject the confidence that’s needed, knowing that we can be the difference. If we don’t have belief in ourselves, then no one else will.

Having An Open Minded Approach
Once we exercise our ego, it’s usually narrowly scoped. We have difficulty seeing beyond what we’re capable to understanding. We think that we know everything, when it comes to doing things. That we have all the answers.

What success dictates however, is that we should constantly envision the bigger picture. We need to be open minded to new ideas, trends, and opinions. Most importantly, what our clients want.

What keeping an open mind does, is it leads us towards developing new and innovative ideas, products and marketing strategies. What listening does, is to allows us to seek out those who we’ll otherwise dismiss.


What this can potentially do, is create new opportunities for strategic business alliances and new partnerships. What having an open mind gives us, are opportunities.

Serving Others And Not Ourselves
Everyone who’s in business, wants to make money. To make a profit, to exceed their expenses, allowing them to enjoy a comfortable living. So our objective, needs to be from a standpoint of serving others, rather than serving ourselves.

Just thinking of what “we” want, is one of the biggest blunders when it comes to business success or failure. So what we need to do daily, is evaluate our activities, automate our operational tasks, and serve what our customers want.

Constantly be asking yourself. Does what I’m doing serve their needs, and not mine. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time, energy, and money on activities that are fruitless. Focus everything that you do, around serving your customers.

Never Attach Yourself To Outcomes
What getting attached to outcomes does, is leads to disappointment, which is a time and energy waster. What our ego does, is it fuels our intense desire to creating specific outcomes, whether it’s right or wrong.

This stubborn attitude, invariably leads to setbacks once the desired outcome fails to manifest, as no one can control the outcome. All we can do, is make the best decision based on the data that’s available.

There are a variety of circumstances, that can derail our best laid plans. So our ego needs to be set aside, and realize that we can control so much. What you need, is to believe you’re making the best decision, based on the circumstances at hand.

Learning From Making Mistakes
Mistakes are a part of life. They’re not setbacks, but instead learning experiences. What experience does, is provides valuable feedback, allowing us to make better decisions, which can lead to success.

Having a big ego, can prevent us from handling such experiences, since it’s perceived that making mistakes is a sign of failure. The most successful, are those who looks forward to making mistakes, so they’ll be one step closer to success.

You Can Be Right But Never Righteous
There’s a difference between being right, and being righteous. Being righteous is all about feeding your ego. What you think, is that you’ve cornered the market on being “right.”


You believe that you have all the right answers, and that everyone who doesn’t listen or believe in you, is wrong and then dismissed. That’s being righteous.

If you’re righteous, you’re coming from a place of fear. Your beliefs are based on hollow expectations, which is usually instilled by well-meaning parents, or poorly developed institutional systems.

Those who are righteous, are wrapped up in their own little world, aware only of themselves. They don’t know or care about respecting others, since they themselves have never harbored anything worthy of respect.

It’s ludicrous to think that anyone has a monopoly on the truth, or what’s right. So if you see this creeping into your own approach, the “my way or the highway” mindset, then realize that you’re expressing righteousness, which is wrong.

Allow Others To Promote You
Those who are successful in business and life, are those who have taken their ego out of the equation. The best way, is by allowing others to tell your story, your wins on your behalf.

So why not lose the “me first” thinking, by allowing referrals, feedback, social proof, and testimonials to do all the footwork for you. They’re the most powerful tools, that you can use to build your brand.

What the opinions of others does, is lends more credence. People have more belief in their peers, than listening to your spiel. They’re able to relate more to the stories and experiences that others tell them about you, or read about you.

You become more believable, rather then if you were constantly talking about yourself, or the success of your business. So actively generate social proof and testimonials, from those who you do business with.

Make sure that the feedback is genuine. Post them on your website or on social media, for all to view and read. If someone says great things about you without you asking, that’s all the validation they need.