Voice Mapping A Method Of Clearing Blocks Towards Achievement

voicemappingbyusingbiofeedbackWe as human beings usually know what were thinking inside of our conscious minds right? However, it still remains a mystery of what lies underneath, as we’re not always positively certain or aware exactly what may be cloaking or delaying our achievements or ultimate success when it comes to relationships, health or our career goals.

The majority of that material and vital information which ultimately controls us as well as blocks our intended goals is somewhat hidden in the subconscious mind. These thoughts stems from our past or from our early life experiences which are thought to be dormant or gone forever.

Previously stored information which we most likely no longer remember, those life experiences or sudden traumas that we experienced early in our lives are all residing and stored deep inside our brains, and just sits there until activated.

There has been multitudes of clinical studies as well as experts who has stated that, by most accounts, our subconscious minds has at least thousand times more influential and decision making ability that what our conscious minds has the ability to do.

Furthermore, all of this information which is stored in our subconscious minds can usually be found and then be activated, as they are inadvertently stored directly in the memory cells where they reside.

This information which is mostly unknown in our subconscious minds, which our conscious mind has thought we had forgotten, plays a vital role in what actually influences our daily choices that we make, as well as what we’re attracted to or not attracted to. It also plays a key role to block this information from ourselves.

By being able to access and then identifying these unresolved and unknown patterns that are produced by these programs as well as mind blocks, we are then able to release and then resolve them.

Using Voice Mapping Technology
It was actually the labs of NASA who originally developed the voice mapping technology to be able to help their astronauts to achieve space readiness, both mentally as well as physically.

This is the same technology of voice mapping which is used today, which allows us to record ones voice, then analyze it, and then return the frequencies back to the body through a hand held synthesizer device which provides the exact frequencies which are necessary to be able to balance as well as release the mental blocks which it has been able to identify.

It will then offer you insight as well as guidance in dealing with any area that’s in your life in which you’re wanting to develop or grow. This can include improving actual physical activities such as bettering your golf game for example, or the ability to welcome and then allow more money, or other resources to come into your life.

You can use this to welcome new relationships, or for releasing those certain blocks which you may have be experiencing to finding that new job. You can make yourself more becoming as well as possibly attracting a new partner to love, enjoy life as well as prospering with.

Once the exact issue is identified, then a clear image or picture of that blockage is displayed directly on a screen, which shows your own unique and distinct pattern, the issue will then usually be cleared using soothing music as well as energy synthesis.

Color therapy, Biofeedback or even acupuncture can be used in conjunction to speed up or elevate the process. Once the follow-up voice map is recorded, then there should be definitive progress which can be clearly seen, which will be displayed on the new screen image.

There are numerous “success stories” where some would say that they wouldn’t of undertaken anything “big” or possibly achieving a breakthrough in their lives without first deciding to clearing out all of the obstacles to success which they were unknowingly holding back in their subconscious minds.

After all, what really shows up on our outside persona is just simply a mirror of what’s really inside of us. They can all say that, “Practice makes perfect.” Without voice mapping technology, it may take several years or even longer to attempt to go directly to the cause of our imperfections.

But we’re able to strengthen it, and then move on, and make way for our very own success or healing process to come much quicker as well as easier.


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