Visualizing What You Want Then Taking Action Creates Tomorrow

howtocreatewhatyouwantThe very fact that the world we live in right now is the total sum, the end result of what everyone else who lived before us in the past has previously thought of. These thoughts helped to mold and shape the exact modern day life that we enjoy today.

Our forefathers fought for freedom, set in motion a protocol of peace which dictates the majority of the nations today. So it becomes difficult to think that our own thoughts, whatever we’re thinking of right now, is leading us towards the results and consequences of tomorrow.

To accelerate this process, it’s our thoughts which shapes everything that exists and have ever existed, and what we think and do today, and everything else in the future is based on what’s in our minds right now, at this very instance, waiting and ready to become a reality.

The thinking mind is the core building block from which the Universe is able to create this physical reality. If this is true, you’re wondering, then why aren’t I rich and famous like I think, want, and should be?

Deliberate Control
It’s the power of deliberate control that you can create anything that you’ve ever wanted. It’s been proven that those who can sustain concentrated thought, can manifest tangible things such as a new partner, a new car, or a new home into their lives.

It also has the power to create intangible feelings such as harmony and love. However, this sustained thought, this deliberate control usually isn’t enough.

Emotion And Intention
Your directed thoughts need to be backed up by a strong stream of concentrated emotion. The stronger the emotion you generate, the more powerful that your thoughts become, this until it becomes an irresistible force which needs to manifest.

In order to generate this emotion, you’ll need to experience the genuine feelings of having that desired “object” in your grasp for it to be created, as if you already own it.

Realize that you’re already using this thought and emotion to manifest things in your life, but most are doing it wrong, in a negative backwards way.

You anticipate things that will happen to you, things you don’t want to happen. Then all of a sudden you begin to feel frightened, you get tense and begin showing physiological symptoms such as sweating or shaking, or you think of someone who did something bad to you, and you feel anger.

This is the exact process of visualization that’s backed by emotion, giving you access to the creative force that’s behind the universe. This force doesn’t care whether it’s real or imagined, it’s just gets the message and then begins to manifest as told.

Reversing The Thoughts
Begin by reversing this method of visualizing. Think of what you want and then conjure all the good feelings that’s associated with owning it. Dispel as much of the negative related emotional thinking as you can.

How will it feel to meet that perfect person, or drive that new car, living in that luxurious new house. Feel all these feelings when you’re thinking of what you want, like you already own it, which activates the universal forces in motion, bringing those things to you.

Then take action, put yourself in the position to take the required action, as this is what’s often overlooked when reaching any goal. This action which you need to take shouldn’t be strenuous, but enjoyable, and it feels like the right thing to do.

Finding Your Role
Each of us on earth is thought to have our very own special role which we need to play out in this symphony of life. We’re all interconnected as well as interdependent.

We truly are one. Our desires and our goals will always come to you through the natural universal channels, but you need to take some form of action, this through yourself or others.

Taking Action
Thoughts backed by emotion becomes an unstoppable force, but you still need to take action, the next step or steps, regardless of how small or petty, this towards your goals.


Visualize meeting your perfect soul mate in your mind, everyday. Really get into it, feel the joy, comfort, excitement, and the love that will surround you once you meet this special someone.

The visualization is so strong that you’re already with this person. This thinking and believing will bring opportunities for meeting someone new, but will never be fulfilled if you never leave your house. So in this case, the action you need to take is to get out of your house and socialize more.

You get all those invitations, get calls and visits from friends but you still won’t leave your house. Then the outcome is you begin losing faith and start doubting that all this “positive thinking” doesn’t work, when in fact you’re just blocking yourself by refusing to take action.

Can’t Help You
So the universe hears you and is trying to help, to set you on your path to get what you want, but can’t help you because you’re not taking the action you need to, you refused all the “social” invitations which were offered to you.

Who knows who you would have met and ended up with. You might meet this someone through a friend, but you closed off that opportunity. So stay open to taking action, as you’ll need to do something to reach your goals.

Your Thoughts Does Create Things
It’s been proven that all your thoughts does create things. These thoughts need to be backed by strong emotion and belief, then it calls and arranges the Universe to bring to you what you’re wanting, provided you take action.

So make sure you take action, as that’s the necessary step that you need to take, which propels you into a position of accepting the physical equivalent of your thoughts.

It’s known that you can create the life you dream of. Thoughts really can create things, so begin manifesting all that you desire, and you’ll be living your ideal life. So get out there and take action.

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