Using Visualization Techniques To Attract What You Want In Life

If you’ve ever thought that you have what it takes, to become a roaring success at whatever you want to do in life, but your brain isn’t quite cooperating just yet, well, there are ways to close the gap. Marketers are aware of this, as they’ll use these methods to influence us into purchasing their product, their particular brand or service. Then we buy things we most likely don’t need, can’t afford, or ever use.

For instance, say that you’re in the market to buy a new car. You begin by looking at the various car advertisements on TV, on the Internet, or in magazines. What these car manufacturers will do, is plant the entire virtual experience in your brain, of you already owning that car.

What they project in your mind, is the feel, the speed, the smell of the leather, the handling of that new car, which is most likely more luxurious, and more expensive that you can afford.

The experience appears extremely real. During the car ad, you think of yourself already owning that car and driving it home. What they’ve planted in your brain, is what’s known as cognitive dissonance.

How it works, is it gives you a feeling of discomfort, which is the result of having two different thought beliefs in your brain. The initial belief being what you want and deserve, such as that high-priced car, and the reality belief that you know it’s too expensive for you.

Wanting But Not Having
Your current life experiences are also somewhat similar, which is a mental tug-o-war on what you want, and what you have. You work tirelessly on a daily basis towards your goals, struggling long hours, hoping for that ultimate dream that you haven’t achieved yet.


During this time, what’s possible is programing your subconscious mind, to fast track yourself to reaching those dreams a lot quicker. It may seem too easy or sound like science fiction, but the actual act of visualizing what you want, makes it a lot more achievable.

This visualization process is powerful, because once you see, feel, and smell an image which portrays that desired outcome, the cognitive dissonance reaction in your brain kicks in and will naturally increase.

You Become What You Visualize
This is ideal since what the associated discomfort does, is it sends a message to your brain proclaiming that you’re not yet giving up on your goals. What the brain then does, is it continuously balances it’s prerogatives, to make whatever it is you wish for, come true.

Once you visualize a desired outcome, both intentionally and routinely, and begin believing that it’s possible, what our brains will do is increase your motivation, to make sure that the event occurs. We then become that much more focused and determined, to achieve that goal.

Your Motivation And Focus Increases
In addition to the motivation being increased, you’ll then begin to find creative ideas that will help you to achieve that goal. You may suddenly get struck with a brilliant idea while you’re in the shower, or while jogging.

This happens because what visualization does, is it prompts the brain to work overtime to resource out what it previously ignored. Now that the brain knows your goal, it will help you to become more aware as well as more open to resolving that desire.

So there’s really nothing for you to lose, most likely because you’re currently stuck in a rut anyways, just spinning your wheels. If you’re uncomfortable with visualization, then try daydreaming instead.

Use the following steps to incorporate visualization into your life. Try this for a month on a daily basis, for it to take full effect, then see what happens.

How To Use Visualization To Get What You Want

First, Know Exactly What You Want
Your goal needs to be precise and specific. So it needs to be something tangible, like you wanting to increase your sales performance at work, by 35% percent. Once that’s realized, don’t dwell on the “how and why” it will occur, as that wish will find its way back to you.

Just settle on a clear specific goal, that you want to achieve. Make sure that it’s believable and realistic and within your grasp, although it may currently be out of your reach at the moment. Once you become better at this visualization process, you can set your sights higher.


Visualize A Certain Image
Choose a specific image to visualize in your mind, as you go through the daily visualization process. Realize how you’ll feel, once you actually begin increasing your sales by 35% percent.

How will you feel or react once you know that you’ve succeeded. Capture the visual of taking that well deserved vacation, that you’ve been putting off for the past few years, to reward yourself.

Make Sure You Visualize Daily
Once you become familiar with the visualization process, you’ll then be able to do so at will, wherever you may be, whenever you want. But to begin, you’ll need a quiet undisturbed area where you feel comfortable.

Make sure that you’re completely relaxed, focusing on your breathing technique. Then begin visualizing the image of what you want to see. Allow your mind to grasp and drift with that image.

See yourself stepping on the airplane to go on that vacation. Imagine taking all of those large checks to the bank, as the teller greets you enthusiastically.

Step directly into the power and the feeling, that this image beholds and make it real. It’s important, that you continue to hold this heightened feeling for at least 10 to 15 seconds, or for as long as you can.

Make sure that you’re consistent, and never give up or entertain the thought that it’ll never happen. Make sure that you document how you eventually made your visualization into reality.