Using The Science Of Multiplication To Build Passive Wealth

how compound interest worksEverything that we do in life comes down to a formula, some claim a series of scientific facts which one can precisely follow to get on track to get whatever it is we want. The majority of us want more wealth in our lives, which these scientific laws apply to.

One of the purest mathematical formulas is the magic of multiplication, it’s with us everywhere in nature, life and business. All living things on this earth tends to expand, they grow and multiply in a precise manner. This process if used correctly, can apply to your business.

The biggest wonder of mankind is human growth, how we as people are able to grow from an invisible microscopic cell, into becoming big organisms which can weigh 200 pounds.

There are trillions of cells which are in the average human body, all this from one single cell, to becoming complex organism which multiplies into billions of cells once we mature, which is usually around the age of 20. This is an incredible example of multiplication, we are all miracles.

Split And Multiply
We along with the animal kingdom has the ability to evolve into huge complex beings. For us people, it’s the human genome which has special biological information embedded which instructs the cells to split and then multiply rapidly.

We like the majority of animals will grow really quickly during the first years of our birth as the cells divide extremely fast. This exists because our cells are produced quicker than they die off.

But after a certain age as adults, our metabolisms begin to slow down. We’ll then reach an age where the process begins to reverse, as more cells die off that those which are produced. That’s the primary reasons why we get old. Other reasons include cell damage and DNA mutations caused by free radicals.

If the cells are able to divide at the same rate as when we were kids, and never stop until we’re in our forties or fifties, we would become gigantic beings. This is unfortunately what happens with tumor cells, they become immortal and then continue to multiply and never stops dividing.

That’s the reproduction process. Organisms will reproduce, generate new individuals of their species. Once two cells divide, it reproduces birth for us humans. Biologically, our struggle between life and death depends on how our cells reproduce, and how many cells die off.

If our bodies could regulate and balance the cells dying off, and manage the process of how cells divide, then we’d be able to live a longer life, the secret to eternal youth.

The biggest enemy is illness, disease and accidents, but even without these factors, we’re genetically programmed to live a certain length of time.

How Multiplication Applies To The Business World

This is the same scientific process that we can learn, and then apply towards the business world. First, realize how things can grow exponentially and explode.

How an invisible tiny microscopic particle can multiply, so it’s up to you to increase it’s size exponentially, you creating a huge entity in a short while, which is a proven scientific fact and procedure.

The Magic Of Compounding Interest
What this leads to is the concept of compound interest. Mathematically, all you need to do is double $1,000, ten times, and you’ll get one million dollars. That’s the core basics of compound interest.

For instance, say you develop a method to doubling your money every month. This means earning 100% profit on your investment every 30 days, which includes getting your principal back. With a $1,000 investment, you’ll be a millionaire in 10 months.

You begin with $1,000, then:
1. – $2,000
2. – $4,000
3. – $8,000
4. – $16,000
5. – $32,000
6. – $64,000
7. – $128,000
8. – $256,000
9. – $512,000
10. – $1,024,000

Compounding Your Money
Most will attempt this multiplication through trading the financial markets, the majority will fail as it’s proven to be extremely risky. Compounding your profits this way, you could lose everything quickly. The biggest ally of a smart investor however is starting with a small capital investment.


There’s other methods to compounding your profits, some riskier than others. For instance, some people will buy land. The land appreciates in value, then they’ll sell and reinvest the profits such as buying more land. They continue this process and their overall wealth multiplies.

Compounding Passive Income
Another more safer method is compounding multiple streams of passive income. This isn’t as risky as trading the markets and compounding your profits.

Compounding your profits can make you a wealthy person, this by finding various streams of passive income and growing them exponentially. Doing so will make you financially free. So it’s true what they say: No risk, no reward! The bigger the reward, the higher the risk.

Passive Income
Begin by setting up streams of passive income. Once it begins generating profits for you, then use portions of those profits to fund new projects. Once you have two sources of income which generates revenue, then proceed to set up a third passive source, and so on.

Continue to do this until you’re comfortable with the number of streams of income that you have, or reached the amount of money that they generate for you.

The greatest benefit when it comes to passive income is that you don’t need to be actively working on them to generate money. These income sources produces the money for you while you’re working on something else, or when you’re vacationing. All that’s required is maintenance which can take just a few hours per week.

These the basic rules and examples of how you’re able to apply certain scientific laws to your business, while you become more profitable. This isn’t a pipe dream, or paper theory, as many are doing this online right now.

This is the theory and scientific formula of multiplication which works. This is one way of applying the many natural laws of science which exists. You can apply this towards building a profitable business. This the magic of compounding when applied properly.

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