Using Online Videos For Viral Marketing Purposes

Online videos are gaining popularity amongst advertisers as broadband continues to expand and video ad-serving technologies are becoming a lot more sophisticated. Online video advertising is ready to take the next step in marketing your product or service. The viewers attention can be easily captured and ads have the ability to stand out in an ever increasing ad-cluttered online environment. Although at present, video formating and production costs can be five to ten times more than standard banner ads, they are proving to achieve greater response rates.

Online video ads, when maximizing to its fullest potential, are primarily informational and service orientated in nature. Video ads often offer instructional or tutorial messages to promote their product or service. This is in contrast to its counterpart the television ad, which are generally shorter in length, costlier to produce and focused on entertainment type of ads to portray their message.

Like any other media methods, there are good and bad ways to maximize the full use video advertising. Most marketers are presently incorporating their audio-video content with existing embedded ad formats like banners and pop-up banners along with their text sales message. Although this can reach a potentially larger audience, readership can become confused and annoyed with all the different formats.

It is important when producing videos to make it easy to view, stream and distribute. So file size is important, as is the media format. If your viral advertisement video has been created for a particular type of software that is not popular, viral distribution will become a problem.

Videos and video marketing is the future. As it quickly goes mainstream, cost of production and distribution will drop and become easier to use.

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