This 1 Ingredient Disinfects Contaminated Drinking Water

What we know is that water is the most vital element for survival. It’s estimated however that 15% percent of the world’s population doesn’t have access to clean drinking water.

This becomes a vital human condition, as it’s water that’s needed on a daily basis for living.

As a result, there are countless deaths in undeveloped countries from water related diseases, a condition that’s far more prevalent than war, famine, or natural disaster.

One of the most easiest methods of purifying water, is exposing it to direct sunlight. This process of natural disinfection however, can take up to 48 hours.

So research continues to find better more easier effective methods to disinfecting water for human consumption, ways which are more common, sensible, and safer.

Best Options For Pure Safe Drinking Water

Without a doubt, pure water that’s completely safe to drink is becoming an increasingly difficult commodity to find, this even in developed nations.

For many, this regardless of where one lives, purifying tap water has now become more of a necessity rather than an option.

This also doesn’t mean resorting to costly bottled water from the local supermarket.

It’s also found that most bottled water, is at times nothing more than common tap water with additional filtration, as most federal testing requirements remain lax.

Pure Sources Of Water

The best alternate to common tap water, which obviously isn’t available for those living in urban areas, is gravity fed natural raw spring water.

These sources need to be precisely monitored for contamination however, by the local municipalities.

Natural spring water or “living water” is organically pure as it’s filtered by the earth.

It’s considered the healthiest pure water on the planet, this similar to how raw food is considered living food.

Another safe water supply source is well water, this provided that it’s located at least 900 feet below the surface of the ground.

If not, then this common water supply may of been contaminated somehow.

The reason being that toxic substances which has been continuously dumped into the soil for decades, can seep in.

There are also fertilizers such as nitrogen along with poisonous chemicals, which are dumped into the local soil on a constant basis.

Removing Toxins Out Of The Drinking Water

It’s believed that water filtration for bathing and showering, is just as important as filtering the drinking water from the kitchen tap.

The reason being, there’s bodily damage incurred in the skin and lungs, just by breathing in the water fumes, which is worse than the damage of drinking the tap water.

So the best solution, is to remove these harsh toxins and chemicals entirely from the homes water supply.

This can be done by installing a whole house water filtration system. Doing so will protect your body and your appliances.

Since there’s usually just one water line connected to your home, placing a good filtration system at that point of entry is the best solution.

This will ensure the water and air quality in the house, is as pure as possible.

Clean Source Of Water Supply

Keep in mind that you’re getting your drinking water from a common municipal supply, which hasn’t most likely been upgraded for decades.

So what results is the rapid deterioration of indoor air quality, this especially during the winter months when the windows are closed shut.

This is when chlorine and other toxins can evaporate directly into the local indoor environment from the toilet bowls, baths, showers, taps, washing machine, and dishwasher.

The Best Type Of Water Filtration

The most effective whole house filtration system should meet a few criteria.

A system which utilizes at least 60 pounds of filter media, along with the capability of producing at least eight or more gallons of water per minute.

If you happen to be running water at two different showers for instance, along with the kitchen tap and the dishwasher all at the same time, is when you’ll realize why this minimum level of water supply becomes important.

This recommendation is for a house or condo up to 3200 square feet, which equates to a residence with approximately three and a half bathrooms.

If the living space is larger than that, then two water filtration systems may be needed.

Emergency Solution To Disinfect Water

There is a method of purifying your drinking water immediately, a simple solution by using an everyday common ingredient.

What researchers have discovered, is it can be as simple as using pure squeezed lime juice.

Begin by directly adding lime juice or a lime slurry into the water, that’s suspected of contamination by either toxins, bacteria, chemicals or viruses.

The method then involves exposing the lime infused water to direct sunlight.

Clinical Testing Results

This simple lime juice process was clinically tested.

What resulted was the levels of both E. coli and MS2 bacteriophage viruses previously in the water, were significantly reduced.

Lime juice is found more effective, when compared to standard methods such as just using solar (sun) disinfection.

The preliminary results showed that solar disinfection combined with lime citrus, can potentially reduce toxin levels in the water in as short as 30 minutes.

This treatment is found similar to boiling water, along with other proven water treatment solutions.

Lime Juice Solution
All that’s required is 30 milliliters of lime juice, for every 2 liters of water that’s needed for disinfection.

This quantity of lime juice to water, will not produce any unpleasant or a distinct taste.

Since limes are now readily available most times of the year, this provides a simple inexpensive solution, for countries that always doesn’t have access to clean drinking water.

The Need For Clean Water

Closer to home, it’s no surprise drinking water straight from the tap, may show traces of contamination, this regardless of which purity measures are used.

The modern filtration processes that are currently available, all creates their own set of issues.

So when in an emergency, why not try the simple solution of adding lime juice to your drinking water, then exposing it to sunlight.

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