Use Trend Research To Increase Immediate Affiliate Marketing Sales

google trends marketingThere is always a need as an online marketer to keep track of what’s going on. What’s trending up, what’s trending down, what’s a completely dormant market or niche. There is usually more discussion near, at the end, or beginning of each year, particularly for those Web businesses wanting to stay on the top of trending markets.

So what were the most popular of the ‘trending’ terms that rose to the top of the searches the quickest during the previous month or year? What is predicted and projected to be the hottest products in the next few months, or this quarter? What categories are currently climbing up right now, and which are the ones that are faltering and stumbling off completely?

Understanding and analyzing trends is a vital necessity and an immensely important facet to your Web site sales or affiliate marketing success. How quick and how accurate the information that you are able to gather regarding a hot trending topic, the higher the rewards will be. Below are three steps that you can take, to trend spot the exact market by understanding and then analyzing these trends, as well as how to turn this knowledge into additional revenue.

Exploring The Trends Happening In Your Particular Niche
Armed with already an in-depth knowledge and understanding of your particular niche, you may already have a basic understanding of the annual or upcoming trends already on the radar.

If you are an affiliate marketer, and if your particular niche happens to be rich gourmet chocolates for example, you would obviously be looking forward to Valentine’s Day or Christmas. An affiliate that produces say sports-related content on their website, will track college football or professional Baseball results, while waiting for and anticipating the NBA playoffs, the Super Bowl, the World Series, or the NCAA basketball tournament would be excellent for future promotional opportunities.

For Example: The trending niche topic that we are going to follow is Easter. The first step would be to use services such as Google Trends and Google Insight, to drill down on this topic a little deeper than usual.

From the information that’s provided, we are able to construct a concise time-frame for the Easter related marketing promotions. This is based on the length of time that the particular search trends has lasted over the past five to seven years on Google.


The momentum, as well as decline of the trend is virtually identical every year, leaving little to absolutely no room for adjustments. Also take a snapshot of which regions in the world or country are the most active in searching about Easter and its related products.

Begin Searching For Tell-tale Clues
Next, use another free excellent resource such as Yahoo! Clues or Quantcast. Yahoo Clues will give you a further, more comprehensive geographic and demographic data that you can use to get the maximum potential out of the Easter affiliate marketing promotions.

For Example: Find out the exact age groups, gender, the approximate incomes of the searchers, and the basic geographic regions down to the State or even city of the people living in the United States, who are looking for Easter related information.

This information will tell you that… middle-aged women, who are living in the Northwestern US, making an income less than $50,000, is a significantly better prospect for your Easter promotion than single older males with $75,000 incomes, and living in the Southeastern US.

Lets Go Get Social
The various data that’s gathered from these two online resources gives you a wealth of free useful information that’s likely more valuable than some conclusions that you could come up with on your own. However, the real value comes on how you use the information.

Knowing what you know about the demographic, as well as the geographic makeup of a trend such as Easter, this information is marketing gold, as it is based on current facts from the two most often used and important search engines in the world. We can now use this information on two of the most popular social networking sites in the world, yes, you guessed it, Twitter and Facebook.

You will get your marketing campaign out by using these social networking foundations on your Easter promotions. Make sure that you target the exact demographic/geographic groups based on your research, and identify those who has expressed the most interest in this particular topic.

Then Start Promoting
That’s basically all there is to do for this trend. As it is seasonal, once the date passes, it’s finished, and time to move on to the next one using the same three-step process. There are plenty of other useful tools that you can use which are available, that will provide you the same basic information. The point is however, that with a little deeper research into a particular trend, and some social networking on these two sites, this formula will always deliver the results. The most difficult part is actually doing it!

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