Understand How Attracting Abundance In Your Life Can Make You

living life in abundanceMost who are struggling with money issues believe that the world has passed them by, given them a raw deal, and if you think so yourself, then you need a reality check. There you are, working hard, but there’s little money coming in, while all the money is going out.

View this as an illusion. Despite your current tight financial circumstances, just believe that you are infinitely richer than you think. Once you really begin to discover just how abundant your life is, then your financial situation will magically begin to improve as well.

What we tend to think is that abundance, the wealth, the flow of all good things, is just confined to having lots of money. But realize there are a set of “abundance” keys which are available for you to access right now, first, this without an investment, or usually any effort on your part.

Once you begin to focus on these different areas of abundance, you’ll find that your attitude will change once you trigger these corresponding abundance responses, which in turn ultimately draws more money into you life.

The Abundance Of Creativity
Even if you don’t have two nickels to rub together, what you have is a torrent of great ideas. Keep in mind that the Universe didn’t invent the concept of paper money, it’s completely a man made concept.

What the universe did create was thought, unlimited thoughts, big thoughts, and you can have as many of them as you want. What your thoughts do is literally travel around the Universe, some claim throughout all of time.

So allow yourself to dream, think big, think what you can bring into this world, and you’ll realize how abundant you really are. All of your grand money making ideas come from your thoughts. It’s one of your most free and renewable resources.

The Abundance Of Choice
In most countries you’re a free person, have free will, and are given free choices on how you live your life. So, if your present circumstances isn’t what you’re wanting, you have the choice of change for something else, something better.

Choose another action, another habit, another way of working, another way of doing things, another location, another business venture. You have an abundance of choices that you can make at any moment of your life, just choose wisely.

The Abundance Of Gifts
Most remain poor because they don’t realize their gifts, how gifted they really are. They’re locked into a “victims” mentality, where excuses are used to explaining why they don’t have whatever it is that they want.

There’s the excuses such as “I’m not rich enough” or “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t deserve this,” or choose any other similar phrase. The truth is you’re not singled out, you have as many gifts as anyone else.

We’re all unique and gifted abundantly. Once you realize what your gifts are, usually through trial and error, self assessment, and feedback from others, then you’ll eventually find yourself.

Know you are abundantly talented and that it’s your duty to expose these talents and then use them.

The Abundance Of Health
Even if you’re down on your luck financially, there’s no reason why you can’t bask in the glow which is abundant health. One irony of modern life is that most get caught in the trap of trading long hours for money, which leads to a stressful and unhealthy lifestyle.

They work to excess for that 2 week vacation to recover from all their excessive working. The fact is, we’re meant to live a healthy abundant life, full of vitality and energy.

It’s your birthright. If you seek out and live an abundant healthy life that you were meant to live, then it’s the financially wealthy who will envy you.

The Abundance Of Love
It may sound sentimental to some that we’re all abundant in love, but the fact remains while your capacity to earn may currently have limits, even for the ultra-rich, your capacity to love and be loved has no limits.


So just chose to give love, receive love, and show love to those who are the most important to you. Love others rather than judging or fearing them. Love all creatures that you share this planet with.

Love whatever it is that you do every day. Most of all love yourself, regardless. Love is the most powerful force on this earth. There are no limits once you allow yourself to do it.

Our Material Abundance
Modern age has brainwashed most into believing that without money, they’re not materially rich. This is more of a clever marketing ploy. The truth being that money is a man made concept.

What you’re able to do is enjoy the fruits of the earth in abundance, this whether you have money or not. Most don’t want a big house, a huge yacht, a villa in France, to enjoy abundance.

Where to look for material abundance isn’t man-made, but in nature. Wander through a wooded forest, walk along a beach after a storm, and witness the abundance that’s given to you.

Look at all the wonders of nature first, and then you’ll never think that you need money to buy all this.

The Abundance In You
What all these are is keys to your financial future. Whenever you focus on these areas of elemental abundance, your gift for creativity, your life choices, your right to good health, your unique talents, your capacity to love, and the cornucopia which is the natural world.

Then you can’t help but live an abundant life. You’ll then begin to believe that abundance and wealth will become yours, which then creates the final abundance with clarity and ease. The abundance of money will then begin flowing into your life as if it were magic.

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