Two Viewpoints On Getting Rid Of Acne And Getting Clear Skin

how to get clear acne free skinThe surface of the skin takes an absolute beating as it battles the daily elements, while combating abuse as the aging process settles in. Also, when living through our adolescent years, it doesn’t get the proper balance which it needs, resulting in impurity and blemishes.

These unsightly imperfections will also appear at the most inopportune times, and these acne symptoms won’t go away once we reach adulthood. So listed are some tips from two different viewpoints for clearer skin, and solutions to rid of Acne.

These different viewpoints, one from a dermatologist, and the other from a Naturopath, recommend what they believe are the best methods for achieving that healthy smooth glowing skin.

What’s agreed upon is that harsh cleansers will further aggravate and potentially damage the skin rather than repair it. Using products which are too strong, depending on your skin type, can strip away the natural protective oils, which may encourage the production of sebum, which is identified as the main culprit.

So it’s best to use gentle cleansing solutions instead, as well as staying away from heavy foundations, this since your skin is better off breathing free on it’s own.

Acne Tips By A Clinical Dermatologist
There are several reasons why acne can form, which are:
• Pores and follicles become plugged up
• The over production of sebum
• Inflammation of the skin, and
• Growth of bacteria

Androgen The Chief Enemy
What androgen is thought to do is trigger the further production of sebum, and once it combines with the abundance of dead unwanted skin cells, results in the pores becoming plugged up.

Once they’re clogged, it then creates an environment where bacteria can flourish. A chain reaction of inflammation is then set off as it reacts to the bacteria.

Those individuals who may have chronic acne usually don’t have more androgen production than those with clear skin, but instead, it’s found that they’re more sensitive to it, while reacting to it differently.

Women are able to help regulate their hormones by they taking anti-androgen medication, or birth-control pills. Using topical retinoid creams will also flush out the pores while preventing the development of new breakouts.

You can also use acne creams which contains antibiotics and tetracycline, which can effectively fight the inflammation and bacteria while reducing the pain which is associated with tender pimples.

Note that using tetracycline is known to potentially cause stomach issues as well as increasing sensitivity when exposed to the sun.

When caring for your skin, less is always better. Using water that’s too hot, or using harsh scrubs will do more harm than good. So instead, use mild cleansers with lukewarm water. Then follow up by using a moisturizer that’s oil-free, and has sunblock protection to protect the skin better.

Skin Tips By A Naturopathic Specialist
What clogged pores are usually associated with are androgen hormones, the most common being testosterone. So as a result, consuming more omega-3 fatty acids and zinc will help in altering the hormonal balance and metabolism.

It’s recommended that you get at least 3 grams of fresh fish oil, and 30 to 50mg of zinc on a daily basis. The zinc should be a 10-to-1 ratio with copper.

It also helps if you switch to consuming organic meat and dairy products, this because most of the conventional foods which are available, usually contains exogenous hormones which are originally fed to the animals.

Research in acne care has revealed that those with chronic breakouts may have resistance to insulin in their skin. Since the skin won’t process sugar as effectively as it should, the resident bacteria on the skin will convert the sebum into free fatty acids, which is the main source of acne.


So try to eliminate the consumption of the empty calorie sugars as well as refined carbs from your diet, or balance out the sugar levels in your body by taking up to 400 to 600mg of chromium on a daily basis.

Also taking 50 to 100mg of vitamin B6 daily, as doing so is thought to control the breakout of acne, while regulating hormone levels. Taking vitamin A is known to help in decreasing the production of sebum.

It’s always recommended that you consult with your healthcare practitioner or doctor for the appropriate amounts.

Using Natural Solutions
To fight off the unwanted bacteria which accumulates and can cause acne to thrive, one proven method is mixing 5 drops of tea tree oil, 5 drops of lavender oil, and 1 tsp. of hazelnut oil or aloe vera.

Apply this mixture directly to the affected area of the skin, while using it on a regular basis, or when the next outbreak occurs. You should also reduce it’s usage if the skin happens to become too dry.

Another natural product that you can try are a few drops of calamine lotion, and leave it on overnight. What doing so does is it will calm down the acne while soothing the skin.

Once that initial tingle of an acne blemish occurs, make sure that you immediately ice down the affected area for a few minutes, then allow the skin to warm back up. Then apply a drop of thyme linalol two times a day, and no other solution during this time.

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