True Myths Exposed When It Comes To Wrinkles And Anti Aging

The quest for many is too look as young as possible, when growing older. To fight off the ravages of father time, by finding a cure from mother nature. To remain young and beautiful, has forced humans to find different ways to deal with all the common issues associated with the aging process.

Despite all of the efforts, the process that is an inevitable progression of nature, is that everything living eventually spoils. Similar to a clock that’s continuously ticking forward, everything that’s living will accelerate, and we have no control over it. All we can do is accept the inevitable, this by living as healthy as possible, and aging gracefully.

It begins by educating ourselves on the truth, choosing the right options, revealing the myths. To remove truth from theory, that’s created by the money hungry media and its advertising campaigns. So what’s revealed is the truth, this so you can make the right choices.

Wrinkles Are Genetic
Rather than it being genetics, it’s our surroundings and environment that’s responsible for wrinkles. Genes can play a role, but it’s not a factor. It’s more the daily diet and habits that are adopted or passed down, which plays a role in the aging process.

If someone smokes and consumes plenty of alcohol regularly, this because that’s what their parents did when growing up, that’s not true genetics.

If a diet doesn’t have the proper nutrients which nurtures the skin, the result is a loss of collagen and elasticity, which results in dehydration and puffiness. So it’s making the right choices.

Facial Exercises Removes Wrinkles
Facial exercises are common around the web, promising to remove wrinkles. This makes sense for some, and they try it out. The truth being, those exercises can make the condition worse. Dermatologists claim it may help the neck, but not the face.


What repeating the same facial exercises or movements can lead to, is forming more wrinkles. If you follow a facial exercise regime hoping for miracles, then you’ll be disappointed. There are better anti-aging strategies which works.

Moisturizing Keeps Wrinkles Away
Some believe lathering moisturizer on their face, helps them look and remain young. But what the experts claim, is that once you apply moisturizer on your face, all you’re doing is just sealing the moisture it already has.

If the skin is well hydrated, then you’ll look younger. If your skin is dehydrated, there’s no moisturizer in the world that could help the dehydration. So what you need is to hydrate first.

The More Expensive The Better
It’s just natural human instinct that if something costs more, the results will be better, which isn’t always true. So instead of looking at the price, look at the ingredients instead, as that’s what determines its effectiveness.

Look for ingredients which works the best for your skin type and skin care regime. What the experts claim is to look for products which contains argireline, retinol, or hyaluronic acid, which are all among the recommended ingredients.

The More You Apply The Better It Works
Another common belief is that the more quantity you use, or use it more frequently, the better. This may be true for certain things, but for anti-aging skin care products, this always isn’t the case.

Using more just won’t magically remove the wrinkles, but may instead lead to skin irritation. So if you’re wanting to spend massive dollars on products, and then slather tons of it on your face, it may not have any effect.

Quitting Too Soon After No Results
The aging process is similar to a snowball rolling downhill, it doesn’t stop yet accelerates. So because of this, there’s no immediate or a permanent fix.


The idea is to keep all those wrinklies and fine lines from developing further, this by diligently continuing with an anti-aging skin care plan.

The goal isn’t to just look younger by reducing wrinkles, but it’s attempting to maintain it better. So keep consistent and never stop, if you don’t see immediate results.

Don’t Need To Wear Sunscreen
One common myth is that sunscreen isn’t needed after their teen years, this because the sun damage is already done, which the dermatologists shake their heads at.

Sun damage is a condition which becomes more prevalent as one ages. Excess exposure to sunlight, does indeed cause wrinkles.

It’s recommended you wear sunscreen every day, even if it’s not sunny outside. What harmful UV rays can do is damage the skin, which leads to premature aging. So protect yourself early and later in life.

Too Much Smiling Causes Wrinkles
What’s true is that the same regular movement of the face such as smiling, does is forms wrinkles in that area over time. But keeping a straight face is impossible, and not worth the effort, this just for the sake of preventing lines from forming.

To deal with the issue of wrinkles forming in specific areas, which is unavoidable, what’s recommended is using retinol based anti-aging creams to conceal the character lines.

So be happy and keep on smiling. Those lines you get, tells a story of how wonderful your life has been.

The Aging Process Is Unavoidable
There are a variety of myths when it comes to the aging process, and hopefully most of them has been ironed out. It’s more about prevention, rather than taking drastic measures to get rid of wrinkles, as they’re part of the process of growing older.

What’s recommended is to accept it gracefully, this by keeping an active positive lifestyle. Revolve your life around things which are healthy and natural, this to keep the sanctity of your skin alive. Use the most natural products that’s available, and have passion in everything that you do.

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