Top 9 Healthy Snacks That Need To Be Avoided To Lose Weight

You obey your diet, as you conscientiously eat low calorie meals, yet you can’t seem to lose any weight. The reason for this, is because of the seemingly healthy snacks that you eat, which doesn’t help the dieting effort. What you focus on is the planning of your meals, but disregard the snacks which are consumed in between the meals. These snacks also appear to be healthy, but usually aren’t, which then completely sabotages your efforts. Losing weight is about knowing the proper portions, proper intake, reading the ingredient labels properly, and healthy snacking. So know which of the popular “diet” snacks, aren’t that healthy.

9. Succulent Smoothies

Smoothies appear to be an excellent healthy snack for those on the run. They’re filling, tasty, loaded with healthy fruits and vegetables. Know that all smoothies aren’t the same, as they’re not created equally. Some smoothies may appear that they’re nutritious enough, so you can run a 10k race. But realize that most smoothies are a meal, since they’re loaded with sugar, carbs, and calories.

The key isn’t giving up on smoothies, but knowing which are healthy. The ones which are available in restaurants, contain around 200 calories to begin with, while some can be as high as 500 calories. So what’s recommended is making your smoothies at home, carefully selecting what you put in them, such as natural sugars and produce.

8. Those “Fat-free” Labelled Snacks

Once a label says “fat free,” what we think is great, I can snack on this without worry of gaining weight. This is a ploy by the manufacturers of products, such as candy. It says “Fat Free,” but what they contain is 100% refined sugar, gelatin, and food coloring. They also contain zero nutrients. Just because they don’t contain any actual fat, doesn’t mean it won’t convert to fat.

So avoid the snacks which are labelled “fat free” on candy, pudding, pretzels, or potato chips, etc. Make sure that you read the list of ingredients, and it’s nutritional value. Then make your own decision on how healthy it is. Also know that all fats aren’t bad, such as Omega-3, coconut oil, or avocados, which all provide healthy fats that your body needs.

7. Those Gluten-Free Snacks

Everyone appears to want the gluten-free diet, as its popularity has skyrocketed. The problem is that this diet is geared towards those who has a gluten allergy or intolerance, such as celiac disease. Yet, there’s some who’ll lose weight from cutting out gluten, while it’s not an actual diet. Somehow, “gluten free” makes one think that it’s healthy.

Most of the gluten-free substitutes are processed with low nutritional value, while being high on the glycemic index. What’s known is that high glycemic foods are less filling, which leads to overeating and snacking. What’s recommended is just ignoring gluten-free labelled foods altogether as a diet.


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