9 Common Sports Injuries Suffered By Athletes

6. Achilles Tendinitis

When Achilles tendonitis occurs, is once the tendon that’s located at the back of the ankle, becomes pulled or torn because of repetitive stress. This is another common injury, when it comes to any sport that involves jumping or running.

What’s a common occurrence, is when the tendon becomes inflamed to the point, that walking, running, or even at times standing erect for periods of time on the affected ankle, becomes extremely painful.

5. Hamstring Injuries

Hamstring injuries, are injuries which affects athletes who rely on their leg muscles, such as running or performing multiple high impact moves, where the blunt of the pressure is absorbed on or above the legs or knees.

Hamstrings are the long cord like muscles, which runs up and down the back of the thigh. In its rested state, it’s a tight rigid elastic like band, which can become prone to tears, pulls, strains, or ruptures.

4. Concussion Related Head Injuries

Everyone is now aware that concussions are a result of serious head trauma, where the brain actually bounces around in the skull, which triggers brain cells to simulate a seizure. Concussions commonly are a result of contact sports, such as football.

What results are vision problems, disorientation, dizziness and headaches, memory loss, and nausea. What’s thought is that one can absorb a couple concussions, but anything beyond that, can potentially cause permanent damage.