The Top 7 Struggles Of The Rat Race Known As The Job

The 9-to-5 grind has existed for over a century. To spend one third of our life, so we can strap on the work boots or put on the apron, and go do the “job.” Open up your eyes people, as the workforce is shifting towards a micro-economy, where many are now self-employed, but that’s a different story.

Work, the office, can be a stressful environment. It occupies the majority of our time, just to earn that paycheck. It happens to be the greatest source of anxiety in life, at times leading to ill health. What all this stress does is takes an enormous toll on our mental, physical, and social life.

7. Left In The Dark

This is one of the biggest stresses that many experience at work. This is when employees are assigned a certain task, this without given the proper information or the direction that they need, so they can do the job correctly or on time. Then they’re blamed if it’s not completed, or if it’s done wrong.

Most people, managers included, are poor communicators. It becomes crucial to give the employee a concise explanation on the “hows” and the “whys,” that’s needed to complete the job. It’s assumed that the employee knows. It’s also up to the employee, to show initiative and leadership, by asking for clarification or more information.

6. Physical Health Issues

There are now just a fraction of people, who does physical labor on the job. In the modern technological world that we live in, the majority now spends their day in meetings, or will sit behind a cubicle. It’s these stuffy office settings, where our stress elevates and our physical health begins to fail.

It begins with eating poorly, instead of mindfully consuming high-calorie, high-carb snacks and lunches, which can lead to more focused energy, rather than feeling sluggish. What too much coffee or alcoholic beverages after work, can lead to is feeling tired and groggy, which leads to physical illness.

5. Workplace Relationship Issues

Most employers often frown on office romances, since many workers have a difficult time separating their work, social, and home lives. It becomes a serious issue, once our personal relationships or office romances begins to interfere, which then has a negative effect on our job performance.

Someone who’s struggling with personal issues at home, or there’s too much “office politics” on the job, need to discuss the situation with their manager or human resources. What’s expected is keeping your social life and your job separate, but for some, their social life is their job.