Top 10 Taboo Things You Should Never Do At Work

4. Not Focused On Work

What most will talk about is anything but work, but instead about their personal life. What’s recommended is keeping ones professional and personal life separate, but that rarely happens. Some will just talk constantly about their weekend or about last night, or discuss their problems with others who don’t care. Some are notorious, which becomes a distraction, while being annoying and a time waster.

3. Abusing Office Technology

Most offices now provide Internet access for work purposes, and almost everyone abuses this privilege. Many think their lunch hour is appropriate to surf the web, watch some videos, download personal stuff, shop. To counteract this, most companies will now track computer and Internet usage without the employee knowing. What’s usually allowed is minimal personal use. What’s also discouraged is making personal phone calls, or sending emails during working hours, which can also be tracked.

2. Sleeping During Work

What some will do is blame their sleepless night because of too much work the day before, and the reason why they fall asleep on the job. The day is long and drab, and it becomes difficult to keep their eyes open. So if the opportunity is there, they’ll snooze for a few moments or longer, and no one will know, right? Once getting caught while sleeping, provides justification for getting fired on the spot.

1. Stealing From Work

Stealing is morally wrong but is prevalent at the workplace, this because it’s so tempting and easy to do. Office supplies disappear at shocking rates, this since 2/3rds of employees have “mistakenly” taken office belongings which somehow ends up at home. The most common being pens, pads, and the worst, proprietary company information. Many think that they’re just borrowing to return later. Depending on what’s taken, once caught, is grounds for getting fired.