10 Favorite Foods To Avoid When Pregnant

5. Avoid Consuming Liver

What most will do is avoid liver anyways, so it shouldn’t be that difficult. This includes liver such as liver pate and fresh liver sausage, because what they contain are high levels of Vitamin A.

This particular vitamin, by many isn’t recommended when pregnant, as it can potentially harm your baby. So it’s best to stay away from all forms of liver altogether.

4. Unpasteurized Foods And Drinks

Avoid drinking fresh fruit or certain veggie juices which aren’t pasteurized. What the pasteurization process does is heats up the juice or milk to a certain temperature which will kill any existing microorganisms.

Doing so won’t alter its nutritional value, especially if organic. So when pregnant, always stick to pasteurized products.

3. Certain Herbal Teas

Surprising to many is that herbal tea should be avoided when pregnant. The reason being it’s not known what type of reaction certain herbs will have on the body.

What’s safe, but still should be kept at a minimum is decaffeinated black, white, or green tea, or teas with familiar herbs such as mint, chamomile, or verbena.

2. Alcohol And Drugs

Which is pretty much common sense when pregnant. What drugs can cause are a number of issues from stillbirth to birth defects. What excessive intake of alcohol can cause are problems such as fetal alcohol syndrome to miscarriage.

Based on studies, even moderate intake can have a negative effect on your child later on in their life.

1. Foods Which Spoils Quickly

Avoid all foods which contain mayonnaise or cream based dressing, such as potato salad, macaroni salad, coleslaw, etc. What these types of food has is a tendency of spoil quickly, this especially when they’re not refrigerated. What they’ll then contract are a variety of bacteria.

NOTE: This is for information purposes only and not intended as advice. Please consult with your obstetrician.

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