Is Today The Day You Ask Yourself These Life Altering Questions

There comes that moment in time, sometime during our lives, when you feel lost in the dark with no direction. There comes a time, where we need to choose the next path of our lives. Perhaps right now is that moment for you. Maybe you’re ready to alter your life destiny, starting now. It’s time to look forward to better days.

Maybe it’s finally time to leave that stagnant relationship, one that’s been sputtering. It’s the moment you realize that the job you have is a dead end, going nowhere, and you want to make a fresh start. You’ve exerted your effort, but not getting anywhere fast. What you’re looking for is a new beginning.

Perhaps it’s something that’s more personal, where there’s an unexpected medical issue that you need to fight alone, and need to recover from. You need to make healthier life choices. There’s a realization, you need to alter the course of your life.

So What Do You Do Now
Once you reach this point in life, once the path becomes cloudy and the vision unclear, you ask yourself, what now?

You begin to doubt your internal beliefs, as you search for external sources to get help, guidance or support. You look to others for advice.

We react this way, as that’s how we’re conditioned from birth. Regardless of culture, ethnicity or religion, as varied as they may be, what’s found common is when we’re at a crossroads in life, we revert to what’s acceptable by the mainstream majority.

To Conform
Conformity is a good thing, as it’s a necessity for any civilized society to exist. If it wasn’t for conformity, theft and murder would be rampant. We’d live a life with no rules, laws, or boundaries, so conformity is necessary.

But realize that conformity is also an excuse, because it’s often used as a scapegoat. The reason being that once you reach a turning point in your life, the first instinct most often, is to look outward to friends and family, for support.

It then becomes easy to ignore your beliefs, to not follow your dreams, this during the midst of confusion. Instead, you favor following what the direction of the majority is advising, teaching, or doing.

What’s known for certain, is that what cultural and social expectations does, is influences the course on how you make your life choices.

You then don’t bother asking yourself if you’re making the right choices, as you’re just reacting and aligning yourself to the expectations, that others set out for you.

To Just Bury Your Head
By turning your back, ignoring your values and your belief systems, you’re just letting yourself off the hook. Then you don’t need to think about your life circumstances, while not feeling responsible for the choices that you’ve made, which lead to your current life plot.

That the current relationship you despise isn’t your fault, while you can’t stand that person any longer. You conformed to getting married, as that’s what your parents and friends expected, but you remain miserable.

It’s not your fault, you work for that cheap tyrant boss who’s disrespectful and insincere. But you work, because everyone tells you you’re a loser, if you don’t work. You also convince yourself that it’s just a job, that pays you money to pay the bills.

You have health issues, because you’ve ignored your diet while never exercising. All while convincing yourself that your family is your first priority, or that your job is more important, so there’s never enough time.

You tell yourself that you’re doing all you can to get that promotion, because when doing so, you’re just conforming to living the American Dream. Then you bury your head to work hard, to save for retirement, while your family life is falling apart.

You Become What You Believe
The fact is that all of your basic beliefs about yourself and the world around you, is a result of your perceived problems, as well as being a source for all your perceived joy and fulfillment.


Your beliefs and the choices that you make, does is determines how you respond to the reality which you’ve created.

You can choose to become a victim of your own circumstances, which brought you to your current state of life. You can also learn from them, which compiles into all the other life choices you’ve made.

Choose Your Path
Know that only you, can and should be choosing a better life for yourself. A better future, as only you know what the right choices for you are. Once you’re at a crossroads, life will react to any choice that you make.

If you’re apprehensive or indecisive, then because of your inaction, that’s how life will react. It’s your choice, on how you live your life.

Do It Now
You knew all along, deep down, that you would end up right here, needing to make that decision. That one decision that you never thought, you’d have to make.

The choice you make, can be the difference between living your life in conformity, and remain mediocre, or living the true purpose of your authentic self. When it’s time to decide, don’t be unsure or afraid.

Decide if your current life is the life that you’ve dreamed of and envisioned. If not, you need to ask yourself, “What do I need to do, so I can get there?”

You need to be honest, to find the right answers. Instead of asking yourself, “What should I do now?” ask yourself, “ Who do I want to become?” “Where do I want to go?”

By answering these questions and taking action, what you’ll then do is create the reality, that you’ve always dreamed of.